Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Buckle up!.

This week is flying by and I haven't written a thing on here yet... Where does the time go?! I've been heavy into belt and headband production this week - by the end of the week I'll have completed 30 belts, 10 headbands and 10 key fobs! I have some new fall ribbon in and it's yummy! I'll post pics once I've finished more, but here's two that I posted to EBAY a couple of days ago:

Aside from my daily date with the sewing machine, I was able to start tackling the rock wall border project in the front yard. Frank (hubby) and I have a deal - he fixes the front porch and I'll fix the lawn. Now that's some *good* family time!

The prior owners had started a border (~ 10 rocks), and it's been driving me nuts! The best part of this project is that I'm finding rocks *everywhere* in the yard. It's so bad that when we're out now, I start admiring rock piles... similar to the box envy I get when getting packing for a move...

Here's a picture of the yard in August of this year, before any work started:

Mid-project on Monday:

After lots of mowing, pulling, digging, pushing, and what-not, here's how I left it Monday night:

The ultimate goal is to get the two areas surrounded by rocks, then lay down that awesome black weed block (worked like a charm in VA!), then have the mulch guys come and deliver a truckload of mulch. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sydney becomes a stellar afternoon napper :)

More pics of belts to come!


Tara said...

You yard looks great. I love all the trees and rocks really add to the feel. I love your flowers in the belt picture.

Anonymous said...

where did you get that lovely fabric for your belts?