Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Buckle up!.

This week is flying by and I haven't written a thing on here yet... Where does the time go?! I've been heavy into belt and headband production this week - by the end of the week I'll have completed 30 belts, 10 headbands and 10 key fobs! I have some new fall ribbon in and it's yummy! I'll post pics once I've finished more, but here's two that I posted to EBAY a couple of days ago:

Aside from my daily date with the sewing machine, I was able to start tackling the rock wall border project in the front yard. Frank (hubby) and I have a deal - he fixes the front porch and I'll fix the lawn. Now that's some *good* family time!

The prior owners had started a border (~ 10 rocks), and it's been driving me nuts! The best part of this project is that I'm finding rocks *everywhere* in the yard. It's so bad that when we're out now, I start admiring rock piles... similar to the box envy I get when getting packing for a move...

Here's a picture of the yard in August of this year, before any work started:

Mid-project on Monday:

After lots of mowing, pulling, digging, pushing, and what-not, here's how I left it Monday night:

The ultimate goal is to get the two areas surrounded by rocks, then lay down that awesome black weed block (worked like a charm in VA!), then have the mulch guys come and deliver a truckload of mulch. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sydney becomes a stellar afternoon napper :)

More pics of belts to come!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Paper bag goodies

What a busy couple of days! Fall is definitely here and we're trying to enjoy it while it lasts - last year it seemed like it was gone in the blink of an eye. Maybe because I was pregnant.... time seemed to pass oddly during that time of my life! Sydney is now here and we revel everyday in her wonderfulness. You've got to love the pure joy that babies experience from such simple things as a dog wagging his tail... If nothing else, children definitely make you realize that you need to slow down a bit - there's nothing I love more these days than just holding her giggly little body and smothering her in hugs and kisses!

I do plan soon to start her scrapbook. You see, I have a scrapbook problem - I make them for everyone else but myself. I *LOVE* to make them for gifts for some reason! I think the way to get mine done is to convince myself that they are for Sydney... otherwise I don't think they'll ever get done! I just finished up the first ever PAPER BAG SCRAPBOOK (I had never heard of the idea until Gina introduced one to me a few months back). I"m hooked! (not that I need any new crafts... that's why I won't let myself take up knitting...). They are so neat - you can make little pockets and peek-a-boo areas out of the bag tops and bottoms, and then fill them with tags to journal! A dear friend in MA recently discovered that she was pregnant, so I went about putting together a little pregnancy journal/scrapbook. I had such a blast making this one!

Here's pics:

Next on the scrapbook horizon is to finish an album for my parents that, I am embarrassed to say, I started 3 years ago after our wedding. After this one is done, I promise Syd that yours is on the way!

Before I go, I wanted to share a new website that I found. If you love Red Envelope, you'll definitely love this one! These just came in the mail yesterday and I love them!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brownies and Cars

Well... we started off with a bit of a rough morning: forgot that we needed to bring in the car to get fixed (luckily my hubby was able to leave work for a bit so we just ran it over there) and I dropped a tupperware filled with fresh baked brownies on the floor while trying to secure the lid a bit better (of course while holding Sydney! You'd think I'd have learned by now...). We have 2 large dogs that were quite willing to help with that one! I'm just bummed that the brownies are gone! Here's pics of "the boys", Higgins (9 y/o, yellow lab),Cody (5 y/o, genuine 100% mutt), and Cory (10 y/o ???):




The good news is that last night I did finish a few scrub hats for my dear hubby, and Gina's purse. I have had this purse cut out for months... literally... When she came over yesterday she accidentally left her wallet - when I see her later today I'll just tell her that her wallet made a new friend last night :)

Today's agenda looks like a few belts for some EBAY folks and perhaps I'll be able to finish a tote for a friend's son (a belated birthday gift of sorts). I'm really into making children bags lately! ~ Kris

Monday, September 18, 2006

A giftful weekend

What a gorgeous weekend in New England! It may get chilly up here in the winters, but heck, we have the best fall season of anyplace that I've ever lived :) This weekend we attended a wonderful birthday party for 2 year old Anna - I've been itching to use some of Heather Ross' fabulous Lightning Bugs bike fabric, so I whipped up a little purse and headband for her.

I also finished up a fun "Grandma's Bag" for my friend's mom to use when she visits her grandson, Josh in CT. It was my first venture into using the embroidery function on my Singer Quantum Futura CE-200 - I learned a whole lot on this project! I especially love the fabric I chose for the lining (Alexander Hendry's 2-D zoo). I also used a button from my friend's grandmother to embellish the ribbon - it's offically a Grandma's bag! I can't wait to hear how she likes it!

Lastly, here's some big and burp cloth sets I finished up recently (Cameron's was for a baby shower 2 weekends ago - only ~ a month to go Danielle!).

I added some links today for some free patterns and tutorials that I really like. Check them out when you have a chance!

As for projects on the horizon, I think tonight I'm going to finish up some scrub hats for my hubby and make a purse for a friend, Gina, who recently has begun sewing bags herself (I'm psyched!). I also need to make a Nappy Bag for myself (for longer days out with Syd). I'm thinking of using these fabrics (from Amy Butler's "Earth and Sky" Belle Line):

Sunday, September 17, 2006

At last a blog!

Welcome to my blog! I have been hemming and hawing for ages about making a blog... some recent blog finds (Heather Bailey, Creative Little Daisy, Gruenetree) have at last inspired me to take the plunge! If you found this blog through my website,, then you know a little bit about me. My current job is a SAHM to my adorable 6 month old daughter, Sydney. In my past life (what my friends and I refer to the "pre-baby life") I was a Physical Therapist and Rehab Dept Manager. I just started doing some PRN work near home and I'm loving it!

Back to the blog... I'll definitely be showing a lot of projects that I am working on, but also aim to fill the pages with oodles of helpful links for my fellow crafters out there. I can't count the times that I find something neat, only to have a handful of friends to share it with.

Thanks again for visiting!
~ Kris