Saturday, March 29, 2008


Geez! Where does the time go?! I have been thinking about you guys - I swear :) It's been busy around here lately and I can't seem to get caught up on everything! So... what have I been up to? Here's a bag that I finished up the other week for a customer out in CA - she wanted a BIG bag with pockets on the side, and some smaller pockets on the inside to help stay organized. I *almost* kept this one for myself, but these days I'm carrying a backpack (need 2 hands at ALL times with Sydney and Ben) and have put aside my more fashionable mommy bags for a bit.

It's still mighty chilly here, and we actually got a couple more inches of snow this week to boot - I think someone forgot to tell Old Man Winter that spring has started. We're hanging in, but it's rough... We keep a tent up in the house at all times (Syd loves it), and this is how I found it the other day:

Now mind you, she moved the tent to this location (from the other room), and the potty chair (which she hasn't used since last year - she just likes to carry it around the house), and placed everything together as shown in the picture. It makes sense only to a 2 year old...

Last week also brought a sad farewell to our friend "Bird":

"Bird", as Sydney calls him, was given to her for her birthday on 2/22 from Daddy. She thought that he was cute, but didn't really become smitten with the large yellow fellow until my brother and sister-in-law came to visit a few weeks later. Their son, Luke, took a liking to walking Bird around the house - since they left, Bird has followed us EVERYWHERE in the house. Ever try going up the stairs with a 2 year old climbing in front of you, trying to hold onto a balloon, while you're also carrying a 5 month old? Needless to say, I won't really be missing Bird :)

As for craft news, so much is going on! If you haven't joined Stacy and I for our Sophia Bag sew-along, please do! You still have an entire month to finish the project - I haven't started mine yet, but finally got all of the fixin's today. I've had the toughest time deciding what fabrics to use, but I finally went back to my original plan. I have some Amy Butler SUNBLOOM in my stash that I have been saving to make the Weekender Bag out of, but I think that if I am creative with the lining fabrics, I should be all set to make a matching Sophia as well. I usually need 2 bags when I travel - one for clothes and shoes (the Weekender Bag) and another for toiletries, books, knitting, etc., so this one will be perfect!

Curious as to what main fabric I'll be using? Here ya go!

I am admittedly a bit scared to cut into this fabric - it's out of print and not sold any where, but heck, you only live once :)

Remember the Pleated Beauty Bag from BEND THE RULES SEWING that I haven't made yet? I found out that a BTRS swap site has been started, and the first project is the bag! I have been horribly indecisive about making this bag for myself so I'm REALLY looking forward to having someone to make this for. The last day for sign up is Monday, March 31 and you have the whole month to make the bag. Come on, you know you want to! I have the button on my sidebar in case you want to pass this one by - check in again next month to see what the next swap will be!

I'm off to bed now. I Ferbered Ben last week and it worked for a few days... then 2 teeth decided to pop out through his bottom gums. Poor guy... We're back to working on the sleep schedule, hence I am writing this at 12:40 am. Good night all! :) Kris

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Join Us for a Sew-Along! (& coupon!)

I've had Amy Butler's Sophia Bag Pattern on my "to make" list for a while now... Stacy (of Stacy Sews) and I were chatting the other day about it and she came up with the fantastic idea of starting a sew-along (with prizes!) to help motivate us and to see what kinds of beauties you all will make.

Here's what to do: The Sophia Sew Along starts today and runs until midnight, April 30 (you can use any material(s) that you like, but you must use the Sophia to be eligible to win). Join the FLICKR sew-along group and upload your final project. If you don't have a FLICKR account, you can always email us the pics and we'll post them for you.

Feel free to share photos of your progress, add notes, and ask questions\share information in the Discussion Area, but you must have a final photo uploaded by April 30. At the completion of the contest, Stacy and I will pick a winner from the pool of entrants who will win a 'fabulous prize package'!

If you need the pattern, I've got a limited supply in my web store - click on THIS LINK to get 15% off of your entire purchase through 3/31/08! This past weekend I updated my site a bit: added new fabrics for sale, all of Amy Butler's newest patterns (Kimberly Bag, Anna Tunic, Lotus Tunic, and Sophia Bag), more COMPLETE fabric kits for the Emmeline Apron, and new wetbag and nursing cover-up fabrics! Have fun! ~ Kris

Friday, March 14, 2008

A bit about blogging

Hi folks! I've started hand-sewing the back of the binding for the lap quilt - hope to be done tomorrow! I'll be sure to post pix in my next entry.

Jen over at BeeBee Mod has tagged me to share a bit about blogging. Here we go!

1. Why did you start your blog?

To be honest, I thought blogging was a pretty silly idea when my techie-bother, Ken, first explained it to me a few years ago. “But Ken, what do people write about? And who the heck reads it?”. I think this discussion occurred back when I was working full-time out of the house, and had no children. My life was extremely different than it is now.

Fast forward a couple of years…

I met a fun customer, Tara, through my EBAY business and she mentioned that she had started a blog. She encouraged me to start one as well to share some of my craft creations and b/c she likes to buy things from people she feels she “knows”. Hmmm… interesting thought. I had some free time on my hands, so I started one. It’s been a fun ride so far!

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

It’s the same as my company name, which is named after my daughter, Sydney. When she was born, she was only 6 lb 12 oz, but had HUGE feet. The nurses couldn’t stop talking about them, and we couldn't stop calling her Monkey Foot. When the time came soon afterwards to come up w/ a co. name, hubby suggested this one and it stuck.

3. Do your friends and family know about your blog? What do they think of it?

I think so. My sister-in-law, Sue, definitely does. Not sure about the rest – I don’t ask. I know some friends check in now and again, but my craft/fabric talk probably bores most of them!

4. How do you write posts?

Usually sitting at my desk while I’m nursing Ben. Sorry if that’s TMI, but that’s the truth. It’s one of the only times of the day that I kind of have to myself. Syd is usually sleeping, so there is only one child to tend to.

I am a stream-of-consciousness writer, so my posts tend to be wordy. I actually have found myself having running commentaries during the day when things happen that I think are blog-worthy. Should keep a tape recorder handy to jot them down b/c I forget most of them.

As for frequency, sometimes it’s a few times a week. Other times it’s just once. I’d like to do it more, but there are honestly just not enough hours in the day right now.

5. Have you ever had a troll or had to delete unkind comments?

Nope! Yey!

6. Do you check your stats? Do you care how many people read your blog? If you do care, how to you increase traffic?

I check stats maybe once every month or two. I don’t really care how many people read it but I love to get comments, so maybe I do care … Anyways, I don’t do anything to increase traffic – not sure how one might go about that!

7. What kind of blogs/posts interest you?

Obviously craft blogs (more specifically sewing and textile blogs). I also love when people add pictures and give tutorials. I’m good about the former, but not the later. I’m sure I’d be interested in more topics if I took the time to explore, but again, that lack of time thing gets in the way.

8. What do you like and dislike about blogging?

Like: It’s a bit of an escape from my daily life – makes me feel a little more connected to the outside world as well. I also love “meeting” all of the amazing crafters out there, and the friendships that have come to be. When I’m shopping, I often think, “Oh… so-and-so would love this (fabric/bag/pattern)” it’s amazing that I could shop more easily for my blogging buddies than for family!

Dislike: Hmmm….. there’s nothing I really don’t like about it (other than I still haven't figured out how to change some of the settings to improve the visual presentation of my blog).

**As for who I'm going to tag to share their bit on blogging... Sue, Stacy, and Adrienne!
Can't wait to see what you have to say!**

I hate posting without a picture, so here we go!

IKEA loot!

I've been getting a bit cabin feverish these days, so I packed the kids in the car and went to Boston with them on Monday to spend some QT at IKEA with their Aunt Linda. The pic above is just a sampling of the goodies I picked up -there's a bunch more, but they are already in use. The fabrics there are so fun (and reasonably priced!) that I couldn't resist getting some. Aren't those hippos (red/white fabric) adorable? The pillow in the back of the pic. is for Sydney's room, and I'm thinking of making a little quilt with the hipppos, striped fabric, Japanese fabrics (wizard of oz, etc.) and a few other brightly colored fabrics. Hello spring!!!!!

My favorite purchase of all is a simple silverware organizer - I can't get over how one little thing can make me smile every time I see it. Also love this duvet cover- looks great with the brown walls in our bedroom (and you can't beat the $25 price tag!).
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lap Quilt Update

So far, I'm lovin' this project!

Here's the lap quilt before sewing the pieces together:

And here's the FINISHED top! WOO WOO!
(sorry for the poor lighting - the colors are actually much more vibrant)

I just finished putting together the back and have my "quilt sandwich" (top/batting/back) on the kitchen table downstairs. Just came up here to get some quilting safety pins - I'll pin it tonight and hopefully start sewing it tomorrow! The plan is to have it done by the end of the week. We'll see if I can keep the momentum going :) (I have a custom bag order that needs to get done first, so the quilt will have to go on the back burner for a day or so).

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
PS: I just posted more Emmeline Apron patterns and kits in my website! More fabric combos to be added this week. Any special requests / fabrics that you think would be perfect?

:) Kris

Thursday, March 06, 2008

And the winner is......

Lucky number 23 - ALLYSON HILL!!! Allyson - drop me an email at kristen@monkeyfoot with your address and I'll pop the pattern in the mail tomorrow for you :)

As for the project that I'll be making, I don't even need to count the responses - the lap quilt is the definite winner. It's sitting on my cutting table as I type (with a started Princess Twirl Skirt for Syd and some yummy Ginger Blossom whose destiny has yet to be determined), waiting to be cut this weekend.

Hate to skip around on projects, but something in me needs to get this done before making the pleated bag. Probably my need to work with some bright and "spring"y fabric.... can you believe that we still have a few feet of snow on the ground, and that more is coming tomorrow? Oi Vei!

This is the view from my craft room
(yes, that is snow that's taking up more than half the window)...

I do have more to post on, but baby brother bubba Ben just woke up - gotta run!