Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Need some new craft ideas?

Hello everyone! At last my cold is gone!!! YIPPEEE!!! This has been a really frustrating one, only in that it lingered forever and really got in the way of some orders and projects that I need to get done. I'm slowly getting caught up, but I'm still feeling a bit frustrated. Wah.

While I was sick, I picked up some new (to me) reads to add to my sewing library - I figure if I can't do any projects, I might as well read about some and get my TO DO list updated a bit. A big (and pleasant surprise) was the newest BETTER HOME AND GARDEN'S "Quilts and More" magazine that I snatched at the grocery store. I was lured in by the picture at the upper right corner (I love seeing fabrics from designers that I love!!!) and figured I'd pick it up. I'm not a big quilt person, but there are some neat quilt ideas in here, and a TON of other fun ideas:

This one is for a table runner - I'd love to adapt it to make placemats. FUN!!!

Some fun spring-time aprons:

A quilt project that actually interests me.... (FreshCut, LOTUS, hmmmmm)

A fun gift!

Another great idea - I've been wanting to play with felt for a while now...

Who knew such fun was lurking at the grocery store?!

I also received Cynthia Treen's LAST MINUTE FABRIC GIFTS a few days ago. I've had this one on my Amazon wish list for a while now and decided to splurge the big $12 or so when I ordered a few copies of my favorite book to give to babies. The projects in the book are divided by the amount of time they take. There's some quirky projects, but some I'd definitely like to try.

This one reminds me something that Tara might like: (it's a bag made from a coat sleeve)

And check out this Bunny!!!!! She gives you instructions to make the bunny and the cute garden mat that it sits on.

My last fun find is from Walmart (of all places!). I went to get some interfacing for my belts and stumbled on some super fun smocked fabric! JoAnne's has some as well (my sister-in-law, Sue, made an adorable dress for Sydney with some fabric from there) but being as how I have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest one.... Walmart won :) Here's the fabric and ribbon I picked up (purple for Jordan, strawberries for Syd):

And here's the little project sheet/instructions that they had displayed with it:



I have to run now, but I'll post more later!

PS: Three new Amy Butler patterns are in and posted in my EBAY store!

PPS: Just received my new business cards, hang tags and clothing labels from Dianna Wright! I love them!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bird Diapers?

Random entry here.... so, as you all know, I'm a mom of a 1 year old.... as a mom I deal with diapers and poop all day (like so many of you do). I was doing a random search one day for diaper pouches and came across this gem: It's a bird "flight pouch", aka bird diaper pouch. Who knew something like this was around?!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hoddie's Patterns are listed!

Good morning everyone! Well, we're snowed in... again.... The good thing is that I'll be able to get lots done today! I just posted the 5 Hoodie's Colllection patterns in my EBAY store - I love them :) Here's some close-up pics:

Reversible Skirt Apron:

Bean Bag:

Messenger Bag:

Kinchaku Bag (Reversible):

Triangle Bag (has hidden outer pockets!):

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Just a quick note before I head to bed - I received HOODIE'S Patterns today!!!!! I'll get them scanned and online this weekend. They look just so darned cute :)

PS: I've gotten a few questions about whether this pregnancy was planned - crazily enough, it was! We hoped to have the kids close together in age, so we're psyched! It'll be tough I'm sure, but worth it :)

A Lotta Fun :)

Hello everyone! I'm back (in more ways than one :) Syd and I had a fun time last week spending some much needed QT with family and friends in NJ/PA/NYC, and luckily had a safe and uneventful journey. Syd became a little cranky about 4 hours into the drive, but that's completely understandable (considering I felt the same way too!). We returned Sun eve. and I woke up Monday with a pretty bad cold. It's hit hard this week, but I'm starting to feel like myself again :) Nothing like a good cold to make you appreciate your health! We've also had some more internet problems, but we think they are at last resolved - our modem and router seemed to not be in favor of eachother... why can't things just get along as they are supposed to?

Anyways, on to the good stuff! As I revealed in my last post, we are pregnant again! We've known since 2/1, but decided this time to keep it to ourselves for a bit. I'm 10 weeks along now and things are going well, as far as I can tell. Nausea is not as much an issue this time as fatigue (and a little crankiness, as my hubby will attest to), but that all comes with the territory. After being through this all recently, I'm finding that I'm not nervous at all about this pregnancy, and find comfort in knowing generally what to expect. Every baby is different and we can't wait to meet him/her!

I mentioned last time as well that I'd post some pics. Here ya go!

This first one is special - as mom explains, this candle is the candle that my brother, myself, our niece Jordan, and now Sydney used to celebrate the Big #1 - I am amazed that it hasn't broken in 30+ years! (and of course I love that it's a monkey!)

March is a month of birthday's for our family - my mom, sister-in-law, and niece! Sydney's due date was March 4th.... luckily she came early and can celebrate in February with Nana and Grandpa :)

Here's a pic of a toddler tote that I made for Jordan - I had picked up 2 lavender tutus in Target months ago and planned to make this for her for Christmas (Jordan takes dance lessons and I thought it'd be a fun bag for her). I'm glad that I waited b/c Sue (sis-in-law) scored some great yardage of this older Amy Butler print that is perfect for this bag! Jordan's comment? "Look Grandma! My bag has a skirt!" Too cute :)

For Mom and Sue, I made some aprons and matching fabric headbands (apron pattern is from Amy Butler's In Stitches). Mom loves daisy's and blue, so she received this one:

Sue is more into earth tones, so I made this one for her:

Both are made with fabrics from Amy Butler's new line: LOTUS. *Gorgeous!*

As for other odds and ends, I finally received my pre-ordered LOTTA JANSDOTTER book! There's a lotta (hee, hee - couldn't resist that one!) practical and fun projects in this book - she's a Swede, I'm a Swede (well, half Swede), and I love her stuff - modern and practical. Here's some favorite pics:


Cool tote (I'm not so fond of the pocket for the paper - looks neat, but I personally don't carry a paper with me these days):

Reversible apron! (definitely on the TO DO list):

I also received some fun goodies while I was away - some new cloth diapers and BABY LEGS from Erin at Diaper Daisy, and the cutest onesie from Jen of BeeBeeMod (thanks JEN!!!!!).Just when I thought those onesies couldn't get any cuter!! I was hoping to dress Sydney up in her new duds (the pink things in the pic are the BABY LEGS), but it's cold and rainy here today :( Maybe tomorrow!

Here's a pic of the goodie that DEB sent - thank you again!!!

Oh! I almost forgot! Check out this yarn by Bernat - it makes stripes as you knit it! This little guy is a keyhole toddler scarf for a friend in NYC - I love how it's working up - I bought the yarn b/c I liked the different blues. Who knew?!

Hmmm.... on "New Product" news, my order of patterns from HOODIE'S COLLECTION is on it's way and should arrive next week. YIPPEE!!!! Amy Butler also has some new patterns that she will be releasing this spring - what do you guys think?

Hope you all have a great week! PS: Thanks for all of the well-wishes and congrats! We're excited!!! : ) Kris

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm outta here!

Hello everyone! My internet has been down for a few days (URGH!!!!!) and now I'm headed to see family for a few days - I'll post some project pics when I return. Just wanted to mention a few things: Deb: thanks so much for the gorgeous piece! I love it! (I'll post a picture when I come back). I was the lucky winner of Deb's blog gift surprise a few weeks back - luck has been on my side!

When I return I'll finish working with Lisa on my new website - here's a sneak peak at the new logo she designed. She's great to work with!

Lastly, guess what?! Hee hee :) Should be a fun fall!

Have a great week everyone!
(PS: I'm offering free shipping on all of my fabric in my EBAY store - I'll process orders when I return). I'm outta here!

~ Kris