Friday, October 27, 2006


I am now sitting here enjoying a lovely glass of wine and some heated up calzone left-over from last night's dinner (we tried a new place in town and *love* it!). Ahhhh..... Sydney went to sleep without a hitch... at last I am able to catch up from the day! Today wasn't too exciting. I cleaned, caught up on some phone calls and cleaned some more (we are having my hubby's mom and sister in this weekend, and the house desperately needed some attention). The one highlight to the day was a local Halloween gathering downtown, which includes a jack-o-lantern contest and lots of free candy from the local store owners. Sydney was able to wear her lion costume yet again (the third time already!) and loved watching all of the costumes and nights' events. Can't wait until next year when she is big enough to walk!

I did take some pictures of the tote that I finished up for Jocelyn yesterday. I love the ladybugs!!

Also finalized the layout of ribbons for Melissa's bag - I can't make it until my ribbons arrive next week. Can't wait!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Pink and White Blob

That's what I'm lovingly calling my first attempt at knitting this weekend. It started so innocently... I packed 2 sets of needles and 3 skeins of yarn (because I was going to be a busy and fantastic knitter by weekend's end!). I had all of this nestled in a favorite drawstring bag, along with my knitting book and a little bag filled with what I perceived to be knitting essentials (scissors, row counter, tip protector, etc.). I was all set!!

We hopped on the highway, waited for Sydney to fall asleep and then I pulled out the book. I pulled out my soothing pink and white cotton yarn. I pulled out my needles and learned how to hold them (kind-of..). I read on. I got the slip knot. I got the casting on. For the life of me I just couldn't get the actual knitting part. I tried and tried and it just didn't work. I don't deal well with frustration, so I gently nestled the knitting goodies back in their bag and fought traffic with hubby and Syd. After a *fun* 12 hour drive (traffic, accidents closed highways, you name it - it happened!)we arrived at the hotel and I tried it again. Still no go.

Sometimes at night my brain has a chance to catch up with the days events and I am able to reach striking clarity
(I don't know if that's normal, but that's my brain...) with some things that have been troubling me. Like my knitting issue. Somehow I visualized what they meant in the book and couldn't wait to try it out! (I wish there was a video clip in the book - it's tough when they can only show step by step and not how they got to that step!). We were too busy on Sat. for me to try again, but Sunday after our nephew's baptism, there was no stopping me! WOO WOO! I was knitting! I was so proud!

Of course I have some problems keeping the correct tension, so the initial rows are a bit, um, interesting. The following rows were kind of better, but I'm convincing myself that they are not as good as they could be because some of my initial ones were rough. So I think I'm going to cut my loss (literally) and start over to see what I get. I don't want to start the PURL until the KNIT sticks in my mommy-brain-of-late. Here's pics of my blob:

As for what other projects I've been up to this week, I've got some totes and belts in the works, in addition to some gifts. I finished up another toddler tote today (I think it's my mission to outfit all toddlers with a fun bag) and will take pics tomorrow if it decides not to rain. I'm also working with a customer to finalize ribbon choices for a tote. Here's one of the many, many sample options:

I can't wait to hear reviews of the Quilt Market this weekend! Have fun Heather!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sleepy morning...

Syd and I were definitely on the same page this morning...

Between her teething and our poor dog, Higgins, being plagued with a horrid urinary tract infection last night (poor guy had to go out every hour thru the night!).... it's always something! (here's Higgy this afternoon hangng out while I took some pictures - and yes, I know he needs a good brushing one of these days...)

I actually haven't done any sewing today (I need to though b/c I sold 8 belts on EBAY today!) The trip to the vet, errands and packing have pretty much filled up my day. I *did* manage to finally get pics of the baby sling and the Nappy Bag that I made. The sling was made from a sheet that I got on sale at the Garnet Hill outlet up here in Franconia. I love the print - so fall!!

The Nappy Bag was made with some gorgeous fabrics from Amy Butler's BELLE line: the Burgundy Gothic Rose and Pink Coriander. I absolutely love love love this bag! I especially love the cell phone pouch at the top. So handy. I also added a clip to put my keys onto, and that has turned out to be quite helpful as well. The next one I make, I'll add a layer of pockets to one of the inner pockets so I can put my little digital camera, and some pens, etc. in it. I think it'd work well.

Cell Phone Pocket

Inside print (with Magnetic Snap - I definitely recommend using one)

I have also cut out fabric for bibs (I'll post a link to the free bib pattern I use - works perfectly with the remnants from cutting out the exterior of the Nappy Bag), a wet bag (I use cloth diapers, so the wet bag is quite useful!), and a changing pad. Hopefully I'll get to those projects next week. I'm just thrilled to have the Nappy Bag at last!

I'll leave you with another random mushroom shot - for some reason we have a ton of different ones growing in our yard. These are right outside the garage and grew in the driveway gravel. Odd...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where do I start?!

There are so many fun things to share...

I recently found out that Amy Butler is launching a new fabric line this winter, called LOTUS - here's a sneak peak (YUM!):

If I could go to the upcoming Houston International Quilt Festival I'd be able to feast my eyes on this new line, and her new pattern (due out in a few weeks):

Maybe next year I can go... hmmm.... I can only imagine all of the goodies that are down there! Could get myself in *a lot* of trouble....

As for other news, I have started on a journey that I swore I never would. I am going to learn how to knit. It all started with Tara's blog entry about this awesome purse ... this one is so right up my ally! She made one like it for a knitting buddy and it turned out beautifully! Now, I don't think I'll be able to make something like that for a while, but I'm game to start learning. For a while I had put off learning to knit thinking that "I have so much on my plate now... I don't need yet another craft to get hooked on". The truth of the matter is that I really want to learn something new! I love what I do now, but heck, none of it is really portable, and it seems like there are so many amazing yarns and patterns out there. I'll keep you posted :) We have a long car ride ahead of us this weekend to see some friends in NYC and to see my family in NJ/PA, so I'm hoping to get a good bit of this book read, and maybe some projects started!

I have been a sewing maniac these past few days since I finished up a belt order. At last I'm free for a bit to sew for me! AHH!!! I finished up my Nappy Bag and I'm in love - I'll post pics tomorrow. Also finished up a baby sling for a friend in MA, and made hubby some scrub caps for Halloween.

Here's some of my favorite creations as of late (soon to be added to my EBAY store and website!)

Key Fob:


Sample Headband:

And here's one last shot of Sydney - she really loves this jumpy thing!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


That's all I kept on being able to say today.... ahhhhhh.... I *LOVE* this time of the year! I've said it tons of times before, but it is honestly the most gorgeous season of them all :)

Recently I came across a fantastic idea posted by Autum : she posts pics of corners in her house, views from her windows, and last week views from her little town (her "little corner of the world"). While I haven't gotten around to the town pics, I have started with a few, like this one from my craft room window this morning:

I have another large belt/headband order cut and ready to be attacked this weekend:

And *THEN* I am going to make a baby sling for my bud Danielle who just had a baby boy on Wed (3 weeks early!), and at last the Nappy Bag with this outer fabric and this inner fabric for*me* (I feel so guilty typing that!)

I did manage to take some pics of all of the new belts and headbands that went out in an order last week, but I still need to clean up the photos a bit. Here's some favs:

Hopefully I'll get to fix up the other pics and add them to my website soon!

On a different note, Hubby, Sydney and I spent a large chunk of the afternoon today strolling the streets of our small town, taking random pictures, and just having plain old fun hanging out together. We attended a neat little outdoor art display in the town center that displayed a lot of the local artists - I especially love the artwork of a young woman named ERIN KUZMESKUS. I definitely need to re-visit her website and possibly get some notecards and perhaps a print or two. Her colors are so vibrant and refreshing!

After picking up two steamy cups of coffee at the local coffee haunt, we headed down the street to check out the foliage along the Pemi River. I wish we had brought a blanket to settle down on for a while! Here's some pics from our little trek:

For some reason there are butterflies everywhere!!

My favorite Harry Potter tree:

Random *weird* mushrooms

Hubby perusing the trail with Syd

Syd napping (2 hours!)

Life doesn't get much better than this!
~ Kris