Friday, October 27, 2006


I am now sitting here enjoying a lovely glass of wine and some heated up calzone left-over from last night's dinner (we tried a new place in town and *love* it!). Ahhhh..... Sydney went to sleep without a hitch... at last I am able to catch up from the day! Today wasn't too exciting. I cleaned, caught up on some phone calls and cleaned some more (we are having my hubby's mom and sister in this weekend, and the house desperately needed some attention). The one highlight to the day was a local Halloween gathering downtown, which includes a jack-o-lantern contest and lots of free candy from the local store owners. Sydney was able to wear her lion costume yet again (the third time already!) and loved watching all of the costumes and nights' events. Can't wait until next year when she is big enough to walk!

I did take some pictures of the tote that I finished up for Jocelyn yesterday. I love the ladybugs!!

Also finalized the layout of ribbons for Melissa's bag - I can't make it until my ribbons arrive next week. Can't wait!

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Tara said...

Once again, i have no choice but to tell you how cute Sydney is. That lion costume is awesome and perfect. Those are some really great pictures too. Love the tote.