Saturday, October 07, 2006


That's all I kept on being able to say today.... ahhhhhh.... I *LOVE* this time of the year! I've said it tons of times before, but it is honestly the most gorgeous season of them all :)

Recently I came across a fantastic idea posted by Autum : she posts pics of corners in her house, views from her windows, and last week views from her little town (her "little corner of the world"). While I haven't gotten around to the town pics, I have started with a few, like this one from my craft room window this morning:

I have another large belt/headband order cut and ready to be attacked this weekend:

And *THEN* I am going to make a baby sling for my bud Danielle who just had a baby boy on Wed (3 weeks early!), and at last the Nappy Bag with this outer fabric and this inner fabric for*me* (I feel so guilty typing that!)

I did manage to take some pics of all of the new belts and headbands that went out in an order last week, but I still need to clean up the photos a bit. Here's some favs:

Hopefully I'll get to fix up the other pics and add them to my website soon!

On a different note, Hubby, Sydney and I spent a large chunk of the afternoon today strolling the streets of our small town, taking random pictures, and just having plain old fun hanging out together. We attended a neat little outdoor art display in the town center that displayed a lot of the local artists - I especially love the artwork of a young woman named ERIN KUZMESKUS. I definitely need to re-visit her website and possibly get some notecards and perhaps a print or two. Her colors are so vibrant and refreshing!

After picking up two steamy cups of coffee at the local coffee haunt, we headed down the street to check out the foliage along the Pemi River. I wish we had brought a blanket to settle down on for a while! Here's some pics from our little trek:

For some reason there are butterflies everywhere!!

My favorite Harry Potter tree:

Random *weird* mushrooms

Hubby perusing the trail with Syd

Syd napping (2 hours!)

Life doesn't get much better than this!
~ Kris


autum said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. Of course the baby is the most beautiful but the fall color and your headbands are wonderful!

Tara said...

I don't believe i have yet to tell you how beautiful Sydney is. Is this a rare peacful moment? she looks so cute!
What happened with your blog. Are you too busy. I hope you post more soon. We don't have colors like that in GA yet.