Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good morning! *stretch*.... *YAWN....*stretch*

I love mornings like this... finished up a big project yesterday (if you live down by Richmond, VA, check out the BIZARRE BAZAAR - I'll have a bunch of my belts, headbands and some totes at GOOD FUN STUFF by Darby Rush) and now I've just got a random list of little things to tackle throughout the day. Syd is down for her morning nap already, I have a steamy cup of java that I can slowly nurse through the morning... and I'm still in my PJ's :) Love it. People ask if I mind being a stay-at-home-mom, and honestly, NO! I do miss my Physical Therapy work sometimes, but it will always be there for me when I am ready and able to return. Right now I've got a more important job to do - we're very lucky to have been blessed with a healthy and happy little girl and every day I count my blessings that I am able to be home with her.

Like most of my blog entries these days, I've got a bunch of random things to share. I'd love to blog every day, but as most will agree, there is not enough hours in the day to get done the things that we *need* to get done, let alone the things that we'd *like* to get done. Hence my weekly blog entry. If I can, I do more, if not, oh well. :)

Things from the mailbox this week: Yet again, the postman has not disappointed me! The week started off with a lovely little package from KINGPOD. I was one of the lucky few who was able to snag some of her adorable ornaments a couple of weeks ago. They are truly darling!

A few days later, the UPS man came knocking at the door... again... and delivered an upstairs rug and the adorable Japanese fabric that I ordered last week. I'm up for any suggestions for what to make with this AWESOME fabric! I know I'll be making an apron with the tan one.... this has got to be, hands down, the cutest fabric that I've come across in a long time. I love finds like this!
Hmmm... what else... I've tried matching some of Amy Butler's super popular Curry Kimono fabric with my fall/winter ribbons and I love it! I bought a bag of scraps on EBAY over the summer and am psyched to finally get to use it! $18 bought a lot of goodies!

I'm planning on making some little drawstring gift pouches with other remnants to go with some belts that I'm making for a friend to give as holiday gifts. Who can't use another drawstring cutie?! Also have another baby/toddler tote to finish, and then I get to do some holiday sewing! I've got an apron making bug lately, so I've got to do one of those... or maybe two... or three... We'll see!

I just popped onto ReproDepot and found some more yummy fabric that is begging to be shared:


Baumvogel - white/red:

Speaking of fabric.... I placed my order a few days ago for Amy Butler's new LOTUS fabric line to be shipped out in January!!!! I ordered mostly from the Faded China and Tea Box collections, but did get a few from the Damask Rose collection as well - decisions, decisions....

Time to get going - the little one calls :) Hope you enjoyed the pics!~ Kris

Friday, November 24, 2006

You want what?!

Today has been a day of post-Thanksgiving gluttony. A little snack here, a little snack there. Ahhh... pure bliss!

In discussing what we were each going to dig into for our final snack tonight, my husband so innocently stated that he was going to have "the other leg"... he said "other" because he had the other one yesterday for Thanksgiving. Being as how there are only 2... there was *no* way that I was going to let him have both of them! I gave him the "I slaved over a hot stove all day yesterday" spiel (which I actually did do) and I think that it worked. Either that, or he was really scared b/c I did get a bit intense about the whole matter :) I usually am not like that about food, but Thanksgiving leftovers rank as my #1 leftovers of the year. There is *nothing* better to me than a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich on lightly toasted wheat bread with mayo. YUM!!!! I won't go into how he ate all of the stuffing before I had a turn at it....

Like everyone else these past few days, I've been reflecting on things that I am grateful for. I think it's good practice to do this now and again- we get too complacent at times. So here's my list!
1) Good health: it's been said before and I'll say it again - this is one of those things that money can't buy. I am very grateful that my family and myself are generally a healthy bunch.
2) That my greatest wants are of more time (both with special people, and for crafting of course!) and to be more organized, and not those of love, companionship, friendship, shelter, and food.
3) That God has matched me with a man who both loves me and continues to challenge me on a daily basis (good and bad challenges both help our marriage grow, and help me grow as a person).
4) (on a lighter note) That the brine recipe that I looked up online the night before Thanksiving yielded the best turkey that anyone of us has ever tasted!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

How's about *them* apples?!

Well, it's not by any means perfect, but I am still none-the-less quite proud of my first completed knitting project. YIPPEE!!!! I learned *a lot* with this little guy, mainly how to correctly transition from KNIT to PURL (figured that one out 3/4 the way through...), and how to bind off. I probably should have used green yarn (as the pattern suggested), but I chose the yellow in an attempt to chase away the rainy day blah's we've been having around here. Can you see the apple? (it's okay if you don't.....)

Today was another one of those "days-that-the-mailman-should-hate-me". Really. I always feel bad when he has to pull down my driveway and haul everything up our steps to the front stoop. There was one huge box from EXPOSURES (one of my favorite online stationary and card sites) with some organizer boxes for the scrapbook projects that I will complete one day. Like when Sydney has kids that can help me. It's been bugging me having the stuff in baskets, so now I have everything in 6 neat little boxes. Love it!

Then there were 2 more boxes with a fantastic EBAY buy - 12 skeins of camel colored BLIZZARD alpaca yarn and a basically brand new copy of KNIT KNACK KIT by Kris Percival. I know 12 skeins sounds like a lot, but I really really really love this yarn, and am hoping to make some scarves and teddy bears out of it.

The last of the boxes was pretty minor -some more business cards by Vistaprint. I have no idea how I've gone through 500 already!

This week has been a pretty typical one - finished up some more belts and another toddler tote - this one for a darling little girl named Taylor. You've got to check out the close-ups of this fabric - little goldfish with names! Another Heather Ross delight :) I think that I would have liked to use orange grosgrain ribbon instead of the little white ball trim, but being as how I didn't have any of the said orange ribbon...

I'm also in the midst of completing a belated baby shower gift - a diaper pouch (to hold a small travel size wipes case and 2-3 diapers), and a nursing apron, similar to this one I gave to Taylor's mom, Jen a few months ago. I personally had big issues publically breastfeeding Syd, but as soon as I got one of these, my fears were gone - she couldn't kick it off, and I felt so covered! I plan on posting these on EBAY soon, so keep a look out!

Aside from sewing, I've been pretty busy with general domestic duties - preparing a Turkey Day menu, trying to do some Christmas shopping and sewing when I have a chance, and just plain ol' having fun with Syd. She's almost 9 months now, and I swear that this age is even better than 8 months! I just wish she could stay in the same clothes - I actually bought some of those SPACE BAGS from Target last week in an effort to more efficiently store her tiny newborn clothes and cloth diapers. If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend you do - I was amazed! Would have been helpful if I had taken a "BEFORE" picture too... hindsight...

OH!!! Before I go, I need to share a gorgeous fabric find
from the fabulous store ReproDepot - aren't these birds just the cutest? It is a Japanese import and the designer is Etsuko Furuya. That's all I know, but I'm itching to know more!! I have no clue what I'm going to make with the fabrics, but luckily I have a few days to figure it out :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alpaca Love

I'm absolutely enamored with these little critters. How can you not be?! They are just so darned cute, and have such fantastic personalities. There are actually a bunch of Alpaca Farms in NH and have started scouting them out while on road trips - if you've never been to a farm, it's a worthwhile trip (especially if you have kids!).

When hubby and I talk of our next move (this time within the state, but hopefully to a litle bigger house with more acreage), I have 2 special requests: a sunny, large, *fantastic* room that I can devote to my crafting, and some decent acreage to entertain the idea of some livestock (like the furry friend above). Seem like reasonable requests to me... I'm still trying to convince him...

Since I can't have an alpaca now, I've found the next best thing: BLIZZARD Alpaca yarn by Reynolds.

As a newbie knitter I can't make much, but what I'll make will be YUMMY! I picked up three skeins of the light purple (I thought it was light blue in the store, but I love the purple too) this weekend in a local Knitting Store and can't wait to get started! Tara has been quite helpful with my search for a scarf pattern (as I said, I am quite the newbie...) and tomorrow morning I intend to check out the links she sent me. Thanks Tara!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A quickie....

Here's the tote with the new fall ribbon! Thanks Melissa!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Mom Jeans. Check this out. (thanks for the link Autum!)

If you do have any of these jeans lurking in your closet, never fear! You can always make a skirt.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Christmas in November!

... is exactly how it felt on Friday! The postman must have hated me for sure, but I loved him! goodies, EBAY goodies... and *no* bills! AHH!!!

Here's the low-down on what I received:
1) AMY BUTLER's new book IN STITCHES: it is fantastic! I really can't say enough good things about this little gem. I have read some comments that people did not like the presence of some patterns that seem similar to her current ones on the market (drawstring bags, etc.). There are only a few of these "repeats", but they are fabulous none-the-less! If you are looking for an idea book for fabulous holiday ideas, this is the book. I'm itching to make the zipper clutch, quilted throw, lounge pants, kitty tunnel.. the list could go on forever. Check this one out! And at's price, you really can't go wrong.

2) SIGN WITH YOUR BABY COMPLETE LEARNING KIT: That one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm hoping Sydney can babble in sign language... wouldn't that be something?! Overall I think it's a cool idea. We'll see how it goes.

3) Canon Elura 100 Mini DV Camcorder: Now that Sydney is almost crawling, we figured we should get a camcorder an start getting some of this good stuff on tape. We waited for a while mostly b/c we didn't want to spend the money on a camcorder outfit - she does way too many funny things to not get them on tape (and besides, we'll need some good footage for her wedding someday!)

4) New running shoes! YIPPEE!! New Balance 766 are my new favorites. Well, not really "new" I guess, considering the last pair I bought was in 2005... All that matters is that now I don't have a reason to procrastinate anymore. Syd is 8 months old and it's time for me to start getting some mileage in. I miss it!

5) CHALK IT UP: a project idea book for using chalkboard fabric - I bought a bunch of chalkboard fabric a while ago from and haven't known what do with it. Now I do! Great project ideas for kids' gifts. I'll take pics once I make something.

6) COUNTRY LIVING: It's the Christmas issue, which had me a little bummed out - my brain isn't quite there yet! It'll sit in it's plastic wrap for a little while. I need to get through Thanksgiving first :)

Aside from online shopping, I've been up to the basics - belts and totes - this week. Nothing different from what I have done in the past, so I won't bother posting any pictures. I have a tote to work on tonight (with the new fall ribbons!) and a handful of gifts to get working on before I can attack Amy's book. There needs to be more hours in the day!

Knitting is coming along slowly. In the course of trying to figure out how to PURL, I think I invented a new stitch. It was interesting.... but wrong. Of course! But then the internet came to the rescue - I figured that in today's day in age, there had to be a video of someone knitting online. I love GOOGLE. I really do. Just typed in "how to PURL" and up came this fantastic site that will be a favorite of mine for a while. LOVE IT!! I still don't know if I am transitioning from the KNIT to PURL correctly - I think I need to check out the video again. My goal it to be able to make this purse (color yet to be determined) by the spring-time. I don't have much use for one now (or so I tell myself), but I think it'll be fantastic for spring and summer!

I'll leave you with a great shot of Syd from last week - I guess she's ben reading my PT books on how to reduce low back pain! :)