Monday, November 06, 2006

Christmas in November!

... is exactly how it felt on Friday! The postman must have hated me for sure, but I loved him! goodies, EBAY goodies... and *no* bills! AHH!!!

Here's the low-down on what I received:
1) AMY BUTLER's new book IN STITCHES: it is fantastic! I really can't say enough good things about this little gem. I have read some comments that people did not like the presence of some patterns that seem similar to her current ones on the market (drawstring bags, etc.). There are only a few of these "repeats", but they are fabulous none-the-less! If you are looking for an idea book for fabulous holiday ideas, this is the book. I'm itching to make the zipper clutch, quilted throw, lounge pants, kitty tunnel.. the list could go on forever. Check this one out! And at's price, you really can't go wrong.

2) SIGN WITH YOUR BABY COMPLETE LEARNING KIT: That one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm hoping Sydney can babble in sign language... wouldn't that be something?! Overall I think it's a cool idea. We'll see how it goes.

3) Canon Elura 100 Mini DV Camcorder: Now that Sydney is almost crawling, we figured we should get a camcorder an start getting some of this good stuff on tape. We waited for a while mostly b/c we didn't want to spend the money on a camcorder outfit - she does way too many funny things to not get them on tape (and besides, we'll need some good footage for her wedding someday!)

4) New running shoes! YIPPEE!! New Balance 766 are my new favorites. Well, not really "new" I guess, considering the last pair I bought was in 2005... All that matters is that now I don't have a reason to procrastinate anymore. Syd is 8 months old and it's time for me to start getting some mileage in. I miss it!

5) CHALK IT UP: a project idea book for using chalkboard fabric - I bought a bunch of chalkboard fabric a while ago from and haven't known what do with it. Now I do! Great project ideas for kids' gifts. I'll take pics once I make something.

6) COUNTRY LIVING: It's the Christmas issue, which had me a little bummed out - my brain isn't quite there yet! It'll sit in it's plastic wrap for a little while. I need to get through Thanksgiving first :)

Aside from online shopping, I've been up to the basics - belts and totes - this week. Nothing different from what I have done in the past, so I won't bother posting any pictures. I have a tote to work on tonight (with the new fall ribbons!) and a handful of gifts to get working on before I can attack Amy's book. There needs to be more hours in the day!

Knitting is coming along slowly. In the course of trying to figure out how to PURL, I think I invented a new stitch. It was interesting.... but wrong. Of course! But then the internet came to the rescue - I figured that in today's day in age, there had to be a video of someone knitting online. I love GOOGLE. I really do. Just typed in "how to PURL" and up came this fantastic site that will be a favorite of mine for a while. LOVE IT!! I still don't know if I am transitioning from the KNIT to PURL correctly - I think I need to check out the video again. My goal it to be able to make this purse (color yet to be determined) by the spring-time. I don't have much use for one now (or so I tell myself), but I think it'll be fantastic for spring and summer!

I'll leave you with a great shot of Syd from last week - I guess she's ben reading my PT books on how to reduce low back pain! :)

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