Friday, November 24, 2006

You want what?!

Today has been a day of post-Thanksgiving gluttony. A little snack here, a little snack there. Ahhh... pure bliss!

In discussing what we were each going to dig into for our final snack tonight, my husband so innocently stated that he was going to have "the other leg"... he said "other" because he had the other one yesterday for Thanksgiving. Being as how there are only 2... there was *no* way that I was going to let him have both of them! I gave him the "I slaved over a hot stove all day yesterday" spiel (which I actually did do) and I think that it worked. Either that, or he was really scared b/c I did get a bit intense about the whole matter :) I usually am not like that about food, but Thanksgiving leftovers rank as my #1 leftovers of the year. There is *nothing* better to me than a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich on lightly toasted wheat bread with mayo. YUM!!!! I won't go into how he ate all of the stuffing before I had a turn at it....

Like everyone else these past few days, I've been reflecting on things that I am grateful for. I think it's good practice to do this now and again- we get too complacent at times. So here's my list!
1) Good health: it's been said before and I'll say it again - this is one of those things that money can't buy. I am very grateful that my family and myself are generally a healthy bunch.
2) That my greatest wants are of more time (both with special people, and for crafting of course!) and to be more organized, and not those of love, companionship, friendship, shelter, and food.
3) That God has matched me with a man who both loves me and continues to challenge me on a daily basis (good and bad challenges both help our marriage grow, and help me grow as a person).
4) (on a lighter note) That the brine recipe that I looked up online the night before Thanksiving yielded the best turkey that anyone of us has ever tasted!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Tara said...

Oh i love my brine recipe too. I think i used emeril's. Garrett has requested i make him a turkey soon, since we didn't get any leftovers from either parents.
That was a bold move going after both legs. and all the stuffing too. that is almost grounds for divorce :)