Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alpaca Love

I'm absolutely enamored with these little critters. How can you not be?! They are just so darned cute, and have such fantastic personalities. There are actually a bunch of Alpaca Farms in NH and have started scouting them out while on road trips - if you've never been to a farm, it's a worthwhile trip (especially if you have kids!).

When hubby and I talk of our next move (this time within the state, but hopefully to a litle bigger house with more acreage), I have 2 special requests: a sunny, large, *fantastic* room that I can devote to my crafting, and some decent acreage to entertain the idea of some livestock (like the furry friend above). Seem like reasonable requests to me... I'm still trying to convince him...

Since I can't have an alpaca now, I've found the next best thing: BLIZZARD Alpaca yarn by Reynolds.

As a newbie knitter I can't make much, but what I'll make will be YUMMY! I picked up three skeins of the light purple (I thought it was light blue in the store, but I love the purple too) this weekend in a local Knitting Store and can't wait to get started! Tara has been quite helpful with my search for a scarf pattern (as I said, I am quite the newbie...) and tomorrow morning I intend to check out the links she sent me. Thanks Tara!

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Tara said...

Aww Shucks!
I love Alpaca too. That would be fun to have some livestock. I used to have chicken growing up in PA and would love to have some again. Yo usee alot of them wandering peoples yards down here, not but 20 miles from Atlanta (crazy but cool).