Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February (kind-of) Drawing

My oldest little helper turned 2 last Friday...

Where the heck have the past 2 years gone? Truth-be-told, I was actually a bit sad on Thursday night when I said good-night to her because it was her last night being 1. Silly, I know, but it hit me hard.

So what was I trying to take a picture of above? As most of you know, Meg of Montessori by Hand released her FANTASTIC new Emmeline apron pattern a few weeks ago. I hopped on the proverbial band-wagon and got a bunch of her patterns to put in my web-store.

Then it dawned on me that fabric kits would be a fantastic idea - who doesn't just absolutely LOVE the chocolate and aqua scroll fabric by Anna Marie Horner?! Ditto for Heather Ross' Gnomes and dots. So, take a look in my shop when you have a chance (there's even a special hard-to-find birdy print!). I've got some fabric suggestions for the Reading Pillow, Gnome Messenger Bag, Mei Tei Baby Carrier, and of course gorgeous Emmeline. I'll be posting more fabric kits when I get some more of the apron patterns in stock- Heather Bailey's Freshcut, Amy Butler's Belle and Lotus, and a few other gems are waiting to be cut into...

I'll also be stocking the fabric section of my shop with some yardage so you can mix and match as you please :)

So what's been new around here? A little more sleep, courtesy of baby Ben, and a ton more wetbags. Honestly I've made about 100 this month. Can I just say how much I am DYING to make the pleated bag from Amy Karol's book? Soon. I promise. I've started cutting!

I daydream a lot when I sew bulk orders... and the latest thing that I've been fixated on is quilting. I've never done it but would like to make a small project.

This is where you come in :)
(You didn't really think I'd forget about the February give-away, did you? :)

Same rules as last time - I'm posting 2 projects that I'd like to make, and you decide which one I'll make.
Please post your response by Wed., March 5th and then I'll pick a lucky winner - this month's prize will be..... the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag Sewing Pattern !

When you post your response, please start with your first name, the first initial of your last name and where you're from. Thanks :)

Project #1: Table Runner and Cute Pillow
(Pattern by Thimble Blossoms)

Materials: BLOSSOM by Urban Chiks
(I've got a serious obsession with this line right now - I know that it's full of fall colors, but I love the birds, and the big dot fabric that Joy got me hooked on). Our home is decorated with these colors, so I think it would be fine to use year-round.
Dark colors also hide stains well :)

Project #2: Lap quilt from the BEND THE RULES SEWING book by Amy Karol

Materials: (more birds... this time, from Joel Dewberry's Aviary Line.
This line is GORGEOUS!
I'd like to make Syd a new spring-time quilt, and I think this would be perfect. Her room is painted a light yellow and I'm thinking of adding some bird and tree drawings to the wall.

Good night everyone! :) Kris

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new Happy Thing

I love this little thing. Saw it on EBAY the other day and had to snatch it right up.

Meant it to be something cute to put Sydney's snacks in, but since it's arrival it has been re-purposed.

I have been looking for a portable "essentials" dohigy to carry stuff up/downstairs (I am constantly moving my sewing machine up/downstairs these days in an effort to maximize any free time- business is busy these days!). This little guy is perfect! One tray for my labels and the other for needles, the ESSENTIAL seam ripper, screw driver and little scissors. When I'm done for the night, I can pack it all up and not worry about Syd getting to it.

And the little bag that it comes in? Perfect for threadlings (the mounds upon mounds of thread scraps that accumulate within a matter of minutes when I start sewing).

I had no clue that Bento boxes were such a hot topic and product - there are tons of blogs out there devoted to these things, and how best to pack them. People actually take pictures of their Bento Box lunches. Love that.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A little spring-spiration :)

How freakin' COOl is this skirt?!

It has made it's way to my inspiration "pile", because I haven't made a board yet :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fixin's... (& opinions needed!)

I've got lots of fixin's around here these days.... so many little piles of fabric and patterns ever-so-patiently waiting... *sigh*

What's been new here? Take a gander...

This is the view from my front porch. Every day when the kids go down, I do snow duty for a bit - just to keep in good favor with the UPS and USPS guys :)

I'm feeling a bit caged in... When it's not ~ 5 degrees out, it's snowing or icing. The kids have been champs though, and are loving the endless pajama days, snuggle time and crazy games that we have to come up with to keep entertained.

But... I finished up a big re-stocking effort of wetbags for Erin at Diaper Daisy:

and hope to get the little shop downtown re-stocked with belts and headbands.

Also finished up some baby goodies for friends: (I love this fleece from Joanne's!)

Next on the list is the Pleated Bag from Amy Karol's book. I'd really love some opinions on this project - I've narrowed it down to 2 different themes: (A) GNOMES and (B) PIGS. What do you think?



~~~~~ Happy Heart Day!!! ~~~~~

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Quick post to let you know that I've listed a bunch of fabric on sale in my EBAY store - need to make room for some new arrivals!

A bunch are ending tonight (several Nigella prints and one Temple Flowers print), but I've got a few others ending throughout the week, including some Amy Butler Ginger Bliss, Charm, and Sunbloom fabrics! Happy bidding!

PS: If any of you have any tips on how to get a 3 1/2 month old to sleep through the night, please do share... I let him try and cry it out from 12:30 - 2:30 this morning and it didn't work. He screamed for 2 hours...