Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new Happy Thing

I love this little thing. Saw it on EBAY the other day and had to snatch it right up.

Meant it to be something cute to put Sydney's snacks in, but since it's arrival it has been re-purposed.

I have been looking for a portable "essentials" dohigy to carry stuff up/downstairs (I am constantly moving my sewing machine up/downstairs these days in an effort to maximize any free time- business is busy these days!). This little guy is perfect! One tray for my labels and the other for needles, the ESSENTIAL seam ripper, screw driver and little scissors. When I'm done for the night, I can pack it all up and not worry about Syd getting to it.

And the little bag that it comes in? Perfect for threadlings (the mounds upon mounds of thread scraps that accumulate within a matter of minutes when I start sewing).

I had no clue that Bento boxes were such a hot topic and product - there are tons of blogs out there devoted to these things, and how best to pack them. People actually take pictures of their Bento Box lunches. Love that.


Adrienne said...

Ok - now you've got me lurking on eBay! How cute!!! I found a winne-the-pooh one. If you haven't already cut into the fabric - disregard my email - DH doesn't like the fabric. Why do men have to have opinions ;-) If you've cut it - I'll take it - I will make something out of it :)

Allyson Hill said...

What a great idea to use your bento for non-food storage! The bento concept is so interesting. I didn't realize that it's more than just a cute box, but a way to make sure your eating is proportional. It ~almost~ makes me wish I had an away job so I needed to pack a lunch!

stacysews said...

It's so cute!!!!! I love Bento boxes (although I don't own any I love to look at them).

Lula Ballou said...

Hi Kris,

This is so cute! I hope all is well with the family (and your cute new baby)! I started blogging again, let's see if I'm able to keep it up this time. Take care = )