Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Please Help Change the CPSIA!

Hi folks! We're getting down to the final month or so before thousands and thousands of talented small business owners and crafters are going to have to close their shops and start filling landfills with their goods. If you haven't been following this awful act that will go into effect on 2/10/09, please read my post from 12/31/08. Please help us to keep this from going into effect!

Here's some more informative links - the first is the most important so please check it out.

A link to a letter that is already written with all of the pertinent information, urging your Congressman and Senator to help - it takes about two seconds to send out, and you can pass the link along to friends as well!

An interesting take on the CPSIA:

Impact on schools - and your taxes:

Crafter featured on Martha Stewart:

A stay at home mom and small business owner speaks her mind:

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Bird Fabric!

While looking up some fabric on Free Spirit, I just found this new fabric by Tina Givens - love the birds! I'd like to see this in person though to get a sense of the scale...

I still have some of this amazing fabric to dig into (hopefully within the next week or two... it's beautiful!)

Happy New Year everyone! :) Kris