Friday, February 15, 2008

A little spring-spiration :)

How freakin' COOl is this skirt?!

It has made it's way to my inspiration "pile", because I haven't made a board yet :)


anary said...

I just love the fact you were honest and said that you have an inspiration pile....Oh my... I thought to myself...I guess we have SEW much in commun..heheh. I do have little piles, big piles, torre the pizza piles...OMG.
Love it..I like honest people like yoU!

Krista said...

Gorgeous! And with a knit waistband...Perfect!

I am Jen said...

Yes, is a dangerous catalog and site for me to visit. I already oogled this one along with some others.

Lynn said...

I love boden. Oh my. That is gorgeous.