Saturday, November 18, 2006

How's about *them* apples?!

Well, it's not by any means perfect, but I am still none-the-less quite proud of my first completed knitting project. YIPPEE!!!! I learned *a lot* with this little guy, mainly how to correctly transition from KNIT to PURL (figured that one out 3/4 the way through...), and how to bind off. I probably should have used green yarn (as the pattern suggested), but I chose the yellow in an attempt to chase away the rainy day blah's we've been having around here. Can you see the apple? (it's okay if you don't.....)

Today was another one of those "days-that-the-mailman-should-hate-me". Really. I always feel bad when he has to pull down my driveway and haul everything up our steps to the front stoop. There was one huge box from EXPOSURES (one of my favorite online stationary and card sites) with some organizer boxes for the scrapbook projects that I will complete one day. Like when Sydney has kids that can help me. It's been bugging me having the stuff in baskets, so now I have everything in 6 neat little boxes. Love it!

Then there were 2 more boxes with a fantastic EBAY buy - 12 skeins of camel colored BLIZZARD alpaca yarn and a basically brand new copy of KNIT KNACK KIT by Kris Percival. I know 12 skeins sounds like a lot, but I really really really love this yarn, and am hoping to make some scarves and teddy bears out of it.

The last of the boxes was pretty minor -some more business cards by Vistaprint. I have no idea how I've gone through 500 already!

This week has been a pretty typical one - finished up some more belts and another toddler tote - this one for a darling little girl named Taylor. You've got to check out the close-ups of this fabric - little goldfish with names! Another Heather Ross delight :) I think that I would have liked to use orange grosgrain ribbon instead of the little white ball trim, but being as how I didn't have any of the said orange ribbon...

I'm also in the midst of completing a belated baby shower gift - a diaper pouch (to hold a small travel size wipes case and 2-3 diapers), and a nursing apron, similar to this one I gave to Taylor's mom, Jen a few months ago. I personally had big issues publically breastfeeding Syd, but as soon as I got one of these, my fears were gone - she couldn't kick it off, and I felt so covered! I plan on posting these on EBAY soon, so keep a look out!

Aside from sewing, I've been pretty busy with general domestic duties - preparing a Turkey Day menu, trying to do some Christmas shopping and sewing when I have a chance, and just plain ol' having fun with Syd. She's almost 9 months now, and I swear that this age is even better than 8 months! I just wish she could stay in the same clothes - I actually bought some of those SPACE BAGS from Target last week in an effort to more efficiently store her tiny newborn clothes and cloth diapers. If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend you do - I was amazed! Would have been helpful if I had taken a "BEFORE" picture too... hindsight...

OH!!! Before I go, I need to share a gorgeous fabric find
from the fabulous store ReproDepot - aren't these birds just the cutest? It is a Japanese import and the designer is Etsuko Furuya. That's all I know, but I'm itching to know more!! I have no clue what I'm going to make with the fabrics, but luckily I have a few days to figure it out :)

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Tara said...

#1 love the fabric. #2 how does that apron work?
#3 your knitting looks awesome. Are you getting the hang of it. Do you enjoy it? you must if you bought so much alpaca, silly question. I am so glad. I have caught the sewing bug again, which is a bummer because my leg warmers are not done yet but i only want to go home and sew. Oh well.