Saturday, March 29, 2008


Geez! Where does the time go?! I have been thinking about you guys - I swear :) It's been busy around here lately and I can't seem to get caught up on everything! So... what have I been up to? Here's a bag that I finished up the other week for a customer out in CA - she wanted a BIG bag with pockets on the side, and some smaller pockets on the inside to help stay organized. I *almost* kept this one for myself, but these days I'm carrying a backpack (need 2 hands at ALL times with Sydney and Ben) and have put aside my more fashionable mommy bags for a bit.

It's still mighty chilly here, and we actually got a couple more inches of snow this week to boot - I think someone forgot to tell Old Man Winter that spring has started. We're hanging in, but it's rough... We keep a tent up in the house at all times (Syd loves it), and this is how I found it the other day:

Now mind you, she moved the tent to this location (from the other room), and the potty chair (which she hasn't used since last year - she just likes to carry it around the house), and placed everything together as shown in the picture. It makes sense only to a 2 year old...

Last week also brought a sad farewell to our friend "Bird":

"Bird", as Sydney calls him, was given to her for her birthday on 2/22 from Daddy. She thought that he was cute, but didn't really become smitten with the large yellow fellow until my brother and sister-in-law came to visit a few weeks later. Their son, Luke, took a liking to walking Bird around the house - since they left, Bird has followed us EVERYWHERE in the house. Ever try going up the stairs with a 2 year old climbing in front of you, trying to hold onto a balloon, while you're also carrying a 5 month old? Needless to say, I won't really be missing Bird :)

As for craft news, so much is going on! If you haven't joined Stacy and I for our Sophia Bag sew-along, please do! You still have an entire month to finish the project - I haven't started mine yet, but finally got all of the fixin's today. I've had the toughest time deciding what fabrics to use, but I finally went back to my original plan. I have some Amy Butler SUNBLOOM in my stash that I have been saving to make the Weekender Bag out of, but I think that if I am creative with the lining fabrics, I should be all set to make a matching Sophia as well. I usually need 2 bags when I travel - one for clothes and shoes (the Weekender Bag) and another for toiletries, books, knitting, etc., so this one will be perfect!

Curious as to what main fabric I'll be using? Here ya go!

I am admittedly a bit scared to cut into this fabric - it's out of print and not sold any where, but heck, you only live once :)

Remember the Pleated Beauty Bag from BEND THE RULES SEWING that I haven't made yet? I found out that a BTRS swap site has been started, and the first project is the bag! I have been horribly indecisive about making this bag for myself so I'm REALLY looking forward to having someone to make this for. The last day for sign up is Monday, March 31 and you have the whole month to make the bag. Come on, you know you want to! I have the button on my sidebar in case you want to pass this one by - check in again next month to see what the next swap will be!

I'm off to bed now. I Ferbered Ben last week and it worked for a few days... then 2 teeth decided to pop out through his bottom gums. Poor guy... We're back to working on the sleep schedule, hence I am writing this at 12:40 am. Good night all! :) Kris


stacysews said...

Well, if I wasn't going to deliver this month I'd join the BTRS swap too! So many purses so little time.....

Adrienne said...

beautiful purse! love the potty in the tent - seems logical to me :)

Anary said...

I loved that picture of the tent and the potty....It made me think about myself...I would never ever go camping without a real throne..hahaha. You have a bright child!
Great bag!! Loved it.

Steph said...

Hi Kris!

I love the bag you just made -- those are some of my favorite AB fabrics!

I tagged you for a meme so go to my blog to see the rules!

I am Jen said...

Oh I love that fabric and that weekender bag! Yowzers!

Allison said...

Love the bag Kris!

LOL at the potty chair in the tent! One of mine toted ours around at one time too!

sarah said...

Your stuff is just beautiful. I have two (soon to be three!) of your wet bags from Erin and I just love them! Keep up the new stuff, it's always great to see what you have been working on!