Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brownies and Cars

Well... we started off with a bit of a rough morning: forgot that we needed to bring in the car to get fixed (luckily my hubby was able to leave work for a bit so we just ran it over there) and I dropped a tupperware filled with fresh baked brownies on the floor while trying to secure the lid a bit better (of course while holding Sydney! You'd think I'd have learned by now...). We have 2 large dogs that were quite willing to help with that one! I'm just bummed that the brownies are gone! Here's pics of "the boys", Higgins (9 y/o, yellow lab),Cody (5 y/o, genuine 100% mutt), and Cory (10 y/o ???):




The good news is that last night I did finish a few scrub hats for my dear hubby, and Gina's purse. I have had this purse cut out for months... literally... When she came over yesterday she accidentally left her wallet - when I see her later today I'll just tell her that her wallet made a new friend last night :)

Today's agenda looks like a few belts for some EBAY folks and perhaps I'll be able to finish a tote for a friend's son (a belated birthday gift of sorts). I'm really into making children bags lately! ~ Kris

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