Monday, September 18, 2006

A giftful weekend

What a gorgeous weekend in New England! It may get chilly up here in the winters, but heck, we have the best fall season of anyplace that I've ever lived :) This weekend we attended a wonderful birthday party for 2 year old Anna - I've been itching to use some of Heather Ross' fabulous Lightning Bugs bike fabric, so I whipped up a little purse and headband for her.

I also finished up a fun "Grandma's Bag" for my friend's mom to use when she visits her grandson, Josh in CT. It was my first venture into using the embroidery function on my Singer Quantum Futura CE-200 - I learned a whole lot on this project! I especially love the fabric I chose for the lining (Alexander Hendry's 2-D zoo). I also used a button from my friend's grandmother to embellish the ribbon - it's offically a Grandma's bag! I can't wait to hear how she likes it!

Lastly, here's some big and burp cloth sets I finished up recently (Cameron's was for a baby shower 2 weekends ago - only ~ a month to go Danielle!).

I added some links today for some free patterns and tutorials that I really like. Check them out when you have a chance!

As for projects on the horizon, I think tonight I'm going to finish up some scrub hats for my hubby and make a purse for a friend, Gina, who recently has begun sewing bags herself (I'm psyched!). I also need to make a Nappy Bag for myself (for longer days out with Syd). I'm thinking of using these fabrics (from Amy Butler's "Earth and Sky" Belle Line):

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