Friday, September 22, 2006

Paper bag goodies

What a busy couple of days! Fall is definitely here and we're trying to enjoy it while it lasts - last year it seemed like it was gone in the blink of an eye. Maybe because I was pregnant.... time seemed to pass oddly during that time of my life! Sydney is now here and we revel everyday in her wonderfulness. You've got to love the pure joy that babies experience from such simple things as a dog wagging his tail... If nothing else, children definitely make you realize that you need to slow down a bit - there's nothing I love more these days than just holding her giggly little body and smothering her in hugs and kisses!

I do plan soon to start her scrapbook. You see, I have a scrapbook problem - I make them for everyone else but myself. I *LOVE* to make them for gifts for some reason! I think the way to get mine done is to convince myself that they are for Sydney... otherwise I don't think they'll ever get done! I just finished up the first ever PAPER BAG SCRAPBOOK (I had never heard of the idea until Gina introduced one to me a few months back). I"m hooked! (not that I need any new crafts... that's why I won't let myself take up knitting...). They are so neat - you can make little pockets and peek-a-boo areas out of the bag tops and bottoms, and then fill them with tags to journal! A dear friend in MA recently discovered that she was pregnant, so I went about putting together a little pregnancy journal/scrapbook. I had such a blast making this one!

Here's pics:

Next on the scrapbook horizon is to finish an album for my parents that, I am embarrassed to say, I started 3 years ago after our wedding. After this one is done, I promise Syd that yours is on the way!

Before I go, I wanted to share a new website that I found. If you love Red Envelope, you'll definitely love this one! These just came in the mail yesterday and I love them!!!

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Tara said...

Your scrapbooks look great! I also have the same problem. Everything i have knit since i learned have been for others. The hat i just finished is the first thing for me and now i am working on my christmas list. I can prob fit in another thing for me in March (maybe):).
I def need some of those serving hands, too. I realized last month when i had my parents over to dinner that i had no way to toss or serve the salad. Gotta love registies!