Friday, January 19, 2007

New Friends and Goodies

So... the Lion Brand catalog came the other day and my list of free patterns/projects to download is huge!!! I still have a ton of learning to do before I tackle some of them, but I'm hoping that the EASY tag on them all will help some. I'm completely drawn to the new organic yarn line:

...and would *love* to make this for Sydney:

I'll post more of my favorites next week after I look them all up. Thankfully Walmart has a pretty decent Lion Brand selection :)

Have you had a chance to check out Betz White's blog yet? If not, here's a sampling of what you've been missing: (she gives instructions on making a Felted Brooch - adorable!)

It's been a very busy, but happy week for me. I have had the opportunity to work on some projects for myself / family (although I have felt a little guilty.... spring is around the corner and I'd love to launch some new products). I love my new crocheted scarf! It looks like Sydney could swim in it, but I think she kind of liked wearing it:

Also made some fun headbands for *me* :) using Heather Bailey's fabulous free pattern: (I have short hair and these work wonderfully!)

The fabric that these headbands are nesting on is Amy Butler's Burgundy Gothic Rose - I finally made myself a much needed new zippered wetbag for Syd's cloth diapers when I'm out and about. My old one is almost a year old and really tired. I hope to soon carry these in my online stores.

Syd also at last got a new sleep-sac! I broke down and bought a pattern and I'm pretty pleased with it (given that I usually am pretty horrible following patterns - I did greatly miss the clear instructions that the folks at Amy Butler give!). I made it with little mittens in case her hands get cold, but then she can't get her binky... oh well! I just turned the end of the sleeves under and it works just fine.

Syd also got some new friends this week from Jen at BeeBee Mod: Gerald the Giraffe and Bertha the Cow. I have a thing for cows, so I pretty much couldn't resist getting these when I saw them.

And yes, the fabric under Gerald and Bertha is my favorite fabric from Etsuko Furuya. I made a knitting needle case for myself (pics to come) and have another cut out for my sister-in-law's birthday this weekend.

Speaking of which, this will definitely be a busy weekend for us - we're still working on redoing the craft/guest room, we're visiting family all day Sunday, and I have 12 belts to make! In the past 24 hours I have sold 12 custom belts... I think it's a record...I hope it keeps up!

Have a fabulous (and warm!) weekend everyone! PS: Check out my EBAY listings for sales on Amy Butler's Belle (and 2 new LOTUS listings)!

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Beebee Mod said...

I love that hooded sweater. I am going to attempt to make something for my youngest, an outfit! Hmmmm, watch for that one. Thanks for noting my onesies!