Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Prime Real Estate

I laugh every morning at our silliest pooch, Cody... As soon as my husband gets out of the bed, Cody hops right into the toasty spot and stays there all morning (or until he hears some Cheerios hit the ground). In the afternoon, he and Higgins take turns keeping the spot warm. Cracks me up.

This weekend's trip to Joanne's was relatively successful. I had intended on ordering some drapery fabric to make curtains for a friend, but things didn't quite work out the way I had planned. Note to self: don't take Sydney to the fabric store when you need to be able to sit down and do calculations. It actually turned out for the best though b/c I found the fabric that she wanted for much cheaper (even with the 50% off sale and my VIP card) at www.denverfabrics.com. Great prices... great stock... I just hope they have the yardage that I ordered!
Oh! Check out these cuties (buttons)! I have no idea what I'll use them for, but they were too darling to pass up.

And what, may you ask are these darlings nesting on? Well.. this weekend I learned to crochet! It wasn't a planned thing - my sister-in-law came up to watch Syd so Frank and I could go out on a date (it was the first time we were alone in the car since our journey down to the hospital for Syd's birth last year). We headed to Walmart to get a few things, and of course wandered by the yarn section to see if anything good caught our attention. I have been drawn to this GRASS colored yarn by Lion Brand so I picked up 2 skeins. Lin *loves* to crochet and decided that I needed to learn too. We spent a few hours Sat. night trying to teach me... I made up my own technique at one point that seemed so much more difficult than what Lin was doing. I finally figured out what to do, and now I can happily single crochet. I've had some issues with dropping stitches, but I'll blame it on trying to watch 24 and crochet at the same time :) My first little project was a rectangle that I'll make into a zipped pouch, and my second is a scarf that I am absolutely in love with. (see next pic).

Who doesn't love the LITTLE PEOPLE sets? Syd received 2 sets for Christmas (one is in the attic waiting for her 1st birthday - I learned that trick from a few moms up here - brilliant!), and an accessory pack to the Farm set had this little llama. I'm calling him an alpaca because I love them so :)

While I am still sewing quite a lot these days, I have taken to knitting/crocheting as my preferred night-time activity. The stash is growing, but I need some more vibrant colors I think... I am really drawn to neutrals, *BUT* there are 4 skeins of bright raspberry yarn lurking in the bottom of this yarn canister (gift from crafty sister-in-law Sue), waiting for me to learn how to make it into a sweater for Sydney... I am on the hunt for the perfect buttons for it, so if you know of any sites, please do drop me a note!

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Tara said...

Love the dogs. one of mine is the opposite. After her dinner and ours, she retires to our (scratch that, her) room. she generally stays there till we go to bed. Your scraf looks great. your tension is great. I remember i started with crochet but everything i made was a trapazoid. i figured knitting would be easier and haven't been back yet. But i want to.