Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snuggle Duckies

Well, winter is at last here... I've had this fun fleece fabric (and some cow print) for a while now with the intentions of making Syd a sleep sac. Finally got around to it last night, using this tutorial for some rough guidelines. Fleece is a total pain to sew with sometimes, but I'm determined to figure the stuff out. It's up there with the minky dot fabric that I have a love/hate relationship with...

Unfortunately I didn't have a spare sleep sac lying around to use as a template, so I eye-balled it using one of her footed sleepers. I thought that it would fit her, but when I held it up to her this morning, it was literally 4 or so inches too short. URGH! Luckily I have a lot more fabric left, and I'm headed to Walmart in a bit to get some more zippers and freezer paper. Freezer paper? YEP! Check out Autum's awesome project she finished this week. I'm thinking of trying it with dish cloths - pears and apples perhaps?!

The great thing about having friends and family with babies is that nothing goes to waste. The duckies are now in the mail to my sister-in-law in PA, where I hope they are snuggled with well by their 7 month old son, Lucas. I guess I could also send it down to the poor folks in Texas!

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