Friday, January 11, 2008

Wow - it's January 11th already! Sorry for the lack of posts - Christmas seems like it was just yesterday. It's been busier than usual around here as Syd is wavering on the line of nap/no nap (which in mommy terms really means "me time/no me time") and Ben, well, he hasn't quite figured out what to do with himself. One day he's a rock star and the next he's all over the place. Poor guy.

New Year's has come and gone and I really don't have a ton of new resolutions / "things that I'd like to improve on". We all have the same ones: sleep more, eat better, try to keep your cool around the kids even when they are dropping Goldfish (or groceries or themselves) from the cart at the store, blah, blah, blah. One thing that I've resolved to try to do is to make at least one new project a month from the myriad craft books that I've accumulated.

This is where you come in :)

I'll post 3 potential projects and have you all vote on which one I should make. I'll then pull one lucky answerer as the recipient of that months' giveaway. It might be a pattern (I'll check to see if you have it already), or some fat quarters, or something that I've made. Sound good? Let's start!

When you post your response, please start with your first name, the first initial of your last name and where you're from. Sounds a bit much, but I had 4 "Kate" responses to my last give-away and there was no way of telling who was who (so they all got free patterns!). I can't do that again, hence the guidelines. Thanks :)

Please post your response by Sat. January 19 to be included in the drawing.

This month I've chosen three projects from Amy Karol's fun book Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew. Haven't checked it out yet? You need to. And no, I don't get anything for telling you that :) Check out her Flickr group too!

First up is the fabulous Children's Smock: (maybe with some fun Wizard of Oz canvas fabric in white?):

Second is this darling pleated tote (would definitely use some linen, blues and pinks, and maybe even hand-embroider some flowers):

And Third is this cutie-pie Turtle Stuffie (the scanner blurred the photo for some reason):

Can't wait to see what you all pick!

As for the title of this post, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to answer some questions posted in responses. Blogger doesn't give me your email addresses, so there's no way to respond.

Courtney (aka Court): You can find the key fob hardware at Crafters Vision thru this link. I also use a crimping tool that I bought at a hardware store to pinch the clasps closed tightly. Works like a charm. Just be sure to glue some foam on the metal crimpers, or cover the key fob metal with cloth to prevent marking. I usually use webbing under the ribbon or fabric strip, but sometimes just make it with Peltex (thick interfacing you can find at Joanne's).

Knitting: A few people have asked how it's going and well... it's slow! I taught myself last year about this time and had wanted to make hats and sweaters and all sorts of fun goodies by this time this year. I'm still on scarves :) Not for lack of starting (I have actually made some slippers, started a hat and started a sweater)... come the end of the day I'm whooped and often can't fathom grasping a new skill. I'd rather go to my comfort zone and continue to outfit friends and family with scarves. My favorite one to make is the keyhole one - it's not super long and requires that you know some basics (knit, purl, casting on/off). I do hope to finish Syd's sweater before she turns 3.... (it's a size 2).

I'm off to print up a slew of labels - the Amy Butler Kimberly Bag and Anna Tunic Patterns came today, so if you ordered one they are shipping out tomorrow! Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to NJ, PA and NYC tomorrow to spend a week visiting with family and friends - should be fun!


Tuesday said...

LOL, even though I don't think they'll be tooooo much trouble with someone having the same name as I ;)....

Tuesday K from Sonoma, CA.

And, I pick the that bag...LOVE it.

lera said...

Lera C from MD.

I say make the smock. It's quick and easy and cute as can be. (I've made two so far.)

Krista said...

Krista W. from CA

I say the purse...and only because I'm assuming it woiuld be for you. Start off with a project just for you and everytime you look at it it will remind you of your goal and accomplishment :) And your idea sounds cut :)
Have fun with your family and friends

ikkinlala said...

Nicole S from BC

I'd pick the bag - very cute!

Joy said...

Joy G from TN

I love the little smock not to mention the Wizard of Oz fabric that you are considering using! Every kiddo needs a little smock!

Anonymous said...

erin w from TX

the smock is just too cute - looks easy and will give you a quick reward!

have a nice trip!

psb3158 said...

Paula B from Moreland Hills, Ohio

Definitely the bag. It's beautiful and you deserve it!

stacysews said...

Stacy S from KS

I vote for the pleated tote! I've been wanting to make this for awhile now, but never got to it.... let me live vicariously through you! LOL

I also love people leaving where they're from in the post - it's fun seeing where everyone is coming from!

Adrienne said...

I would make the purse. I've made it and really enjoyed the process. I've gotten lots of compliments and "could you make me one?". I made the turtle but it was so tiny it was a little difficult for me - he looks like he needs a little help! I actually recopied the pattern and made it larger...going to give him another chance!

Adrienne S from Lynchburg, VA

Here's the picture of the purse:

SweetT said...

Tammy S. from Hendersonville, NC

The turtle b/c I've been wanting to make but haven't and I would love to see yours. My 2nd choice would be the tote.

jefalody said...

The bag... I've been wanting to try it too... maybe you'll inspire me... Melody

StichingSurgeon said...

The bag!!! Love it.

If you don't mind, please put me in the drawing as stitchingsurgeon. I am paranoid about putting any info (even relating my name to my username) on blog comment boards.

Molly said...

Molly S. from Helena, Montana

I vote for the tote. Have a nice trip!

Jenny said...

my vote is for the smock! It is adorable!

I am Jen said...

I love the bag...and the smock. But I'll go for the bag. Hope you had fun in PA. It's probably good we didn't get together...I have the flu and my boy is feverish!

Lynn said...

Lynn C. from Saratoga, CA

I vote for the bag. I love this bag, and I love seeing what fabrics everyone chooses.

Claudia~L said...

Claudia L from NJ

I would love to see the tote :)
I've been wanting to make one myself...

Nikki said...

Nikki R Brey from NM
I think you should make the purse. I love purses and I have seen some that you have done and I think you do an excellent job!

sarahadamson said...

Sarah A from MI

Yup, the bag. It looks so cute and fun. I love making handbags. Gee, no one seems to be voting for the other two...

sewhipbaby said...

You should go for the bag! I've had this at the top of my list of things to make for awhile. I'm eager to hear about someone else's experience with it! Besides at least you will get lot's of use out of it, between toting stuff for you and the kids! (At least that's my experience!)

Oh, and thanks for the paint color, it's a good reference point, we're painting our living/dining room (with cathedral ceilings) so I want something that's pretty but not cave like! I love to make felt food, it's so fun and the kids have a great time playing with it! Thanks for stopping by!

Mama Jillian said...

Hi Kris, I just stumbled across your blog and it is just great! Your creativity and energy is so apparent in your posts. I am definitely putting you on my favorites list and I will be checking in to see how your projects are coming along!

Good luck on whatever project you picked this month.