Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's HOT!!!

Syd and I spent the day at Wolfeboro visiting "Da-da" while he's there for work - it's HOT HOT HOT! out there - 91?! What happened to the 70 degree days we had earlier this week? How I wished I had brought our bathing suits... Hindsight...

While the visit was somewhat short (we had to leave on account of the heat and Syd's crankiness), it was fun. We visited their local book store (where we bought the Skippyjon Jones doll the last time we were there) and as soon as we got to the kid's section Syd started repetitively screaming "Codi-o-dio". You see, we have a dog named Cody and Sydney absolutely adores him - and I think that he, unlike our yellow lab(Higgins), is quite fond of her as well.

Sitting on the shelf was an adorable little deer friend (that resembles Cody an awful lot!) from the book: Stranger in the Woods (a book with fantastic nature photography and a cute storyline to boot). We couldn't get Syd to leave the store without buying it (we're so weak...) so now she has a portable "bubba" (our nickname for the dogs). The funny thing is that Cody has been carrying it around the house since we came home - he never likes stuffed animals!

On the project front, I finished up some UFO's last night for Syd - I needed a break from sewing belts and these called to me.

I had bought the fabric for the 2 pair on the right a while back from Hancock's of Paducah when they had one of their big sales (I think 1/2 yard was $2 or something crazy like that). I was planning on making her a patchwork skirt with the different prints, but opted for pants b/c I'm really loving her in pants these days - she's into everything and somehow I feel like her legs are better protected. That, and well, they're so darned cute!

Ah! Before I hop off, I have to share my favorite salad recipe of all time - it's a salad that garners the "Wow! That's quite a salad honey!" from my husband. In his language that means "Yikes! Please don't ever try to serve that to me!" - only b/c he finds the pairings to be odd.... you be the judge:

Spinach and Friends Salad
(dole out the ingredients as you see fit)

Baby Spinach
Crumbled Goat Cheese
Sliced Almonds
Hard-boiled eggs
Granny Smith Apple
Newman's Light Balsamic Vinaigrette


autum said...

The pants are precious and the salad looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly the kind of salad I love and always make - he's nuts! You can substitute a little lighter flavored blue cheese, too - YUM! And the picture of my buddy Codi-odi-o is the cutest. No wonder he loves the deer - they're twins!

Way cute pants. Can't wait to see them on her!

Auntie Lin

Erin said...

Those pants are adorable! Do you sell on Etsy or anywhere?