Friday, August 03, 2007

Two hands...

...that's all I need now to count the number of weeks 'til the arrival of Baby V. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! This pregnancy has gone by about 100x faster than Sydney's. With her, I felt like I was pregnant forever (and she even came 8 days early!).

I am a bit panicked as there are a million things on the never-ending "to-do" list that I just know won't get done. I'm still 3 pages shy of finishing the scrapbook of our wedding (which was 4+ years go) for my parents. Our album? Whatever... Never will happen. And I think that I'm just going to get some plain albums to put Syd's pictures in to at least keep them in chronological order -maybe I'll get to a more formal album by the time that she has kids. Have to keep a few things on the horizon for when the kids leave the nest :)

The other big milestone we've reached with this pregnancy is the beginning of the every 2 week visit. Not a big deal really, but it's an hour each way to the docs and even with the DVD player that we have in the car with Syd, it tends to not really be a fun time. By the time we get to the docs, she wants to run around like a crazy woman... I was brave and took her alone to my last appointment (hubby was away for work and I didn't want to leave her at a friend's for so long) - the nurse midwife kept asking if I was resting and "giving myself time" each day. Hah! Hmm.. must have been the big bags under my eyes that gave it away...

On the craft front, I haven't done anything new and exciting lately - just catching up on some orders for bib/burp cloth sets., belts, headbands, and bags. Here's some fun toddler totes I made for a friend's daughter, Emily (she came over with the goal of picking one fabric and ended up with 3 - the Heather Ross collection is too cute!). She wanted some simple bags for Emily to play grocery store with - hope she likes them!

This first one was made from a curtain that Ann gave me (she didn't care for it as a curtain, so it's next life is as a bag):

And here's the rest: (the dog one, or "oofs" as Syd would say, is my favorite!)

(don't mind the wrinkles on this one!)

Next week I get to branch out again into unchartered territory - an IPOD cover for Adrienne (to match her bag), a seat cushion cover and pillow (made with some gorgeous Nigella prints - my first time working with this fabric!) for Erin, and another fun skirt for Raina (an adult version of this skirt) - she loved the Amy Butler Curry Kimono and Camel Dot skirt! I am also hoping to sketch a new fall bag design, but that will likely have to wait a bit... not enough hours in the day.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that my Nigella order did arrive last week - it is absolutely gorgeous! I'll post a bunch for sale once I figure out which ones I'll need for some curtain and bedding projects around here. Give me another week or so :)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

PS: I'm booked to be featured on Cool Mom Picks this Sunday! Be sure to check out the story (I'm not quite sure yet what they're going to put...) and answer their question for a chance to win your choice of a toddler belt or large wet bag. There will also be a link for 10% off at my website :)

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Tara said...

Oh i love what you have done with Heather Ross!
Every 2 weeks! are you serious? I thought you went to get tested, then again to make sure the baby hasn't fallen out and then one last time when the baby actually does fall out. 3 times that is all. Oh man, Your husband should hire a driver for you.