Sunday, August 12, 2007

Feathering Our Nest

It's crunch time now - need to decide on a paint color for our bedroom now that we've moved everything from the room into our spare bedroom. We'll be set to paint this week (I'm hoping to get most if it done during Syd's naptime)... and I think that I've decided on a simple off-white (which we actually have 5 extra gallons of from when we did the kitchen last year - love saving $!). I've been itching to paint the room chocolate brown (how cozy!) but it won't work with the Nigella prints that I ordered. Is it pathetic to base one's room color on one's current fabric obsession?

Anyways, I think it'll go well with what I've chosen for our bedding:

I'm going to use this pattern for the quilted coverlet (and maybe some pillow shams):

The center panel:

The borders:

And I'm hoping to add some more color (and fun!) to the room with some simple curtain accents and this pattern:

In these prints (and maybe some others...):

The other 2 rooms that need some sprucing up are the guest room/office and the den. The den is easy - we have it painted a color that I LOVE (Weathersfield Moss by Benjamin Moore) and we'll get some nice wooden blinds for the window treatments. I'll make a bunch of fun pillows with some more of the AB Nigella fabrics - the goal is a comfy and welcoming room.

The guest room is going to be a little more difficult, b/c I'd like to use:

But... those colors are all too girly for my hubby.... so, I might get to use this instead (the room is painted the color of the green in the flowers):

And will need to figure out what coordinates with it. I really do love the pink/green fabrics... I'll keep working on him :)


Sandy said...

Those fabrics are so yummy. I was just admiring them at my fav quilt shop today.

I am Jen said...

I am using the water lotus for a duvet cover, mixed with the flowery one. I think you have great taste and whatever you chose will be great.