Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My favorite masked friend :)

Have you guys heard of El Skippito (aka Skippyjon Jones) yet?

If not, you've got to check out his books - even more fun to read than Dr. Seuss! The reading level is for ages 4-8... a bit older than what I should be reading to Syd, but I can' t resist putting on my best Spanish accent and entering the fun little world of this adorable Siamese kitty (who thinks he is a chihuahua). My sister-in-law, Sue, first introduced me to Skippyjon Jones with this book:

After finding a cute little plush version of Skippyjon the other weekend in a local bookstore, I couldn't help but order a couple more of his books from Amazon.com last week.

And....as I can't resist the tempting "free shipping" with orders over $25, I added a couple of fun craft books to the order.

Simple Gifts to Stitch: 30 Elegant and Easy Projects

The Cute Book

The books all arrived today and I have only had a chance to flip through The Cute Book - it's filled with simple patterns to make cute little stuffed critters with felt and embroidery thread. No machine stitching - that means that these are the perfect sofa projects! I'll definitely post pics of my creations - just need to find my stash of felt....

Oh! Before I forget, Stacy sent me the coolest bag pattern today (from BURDA of course!). I love it!! (I just clicked on her blog and it looks like she bought the SIMPLE GIFTS book too!)

Burda's Free Carpet Bag pattern

Have a great 4th everyone!


I am Jen said...

Those books look hysterical. A siamese kitten that is Spanish and wears a mask. The bag pattern looks great too. Those free shipping opportunities sure beat the heck out of driving anywhere!

Allyson Hill said...

I have to get those Skippyjon books, they look histerical! I'll be checking my local library today! Please do show us your 'cute' creations!

Emily said...

Thanks for the book suggestions! We love books around my house and although my son is only going to be 3 yrs old I like to pick up books as I read reviews about them. Otherwise I tend to forget and get overwhelmed at the bookstore!