Thursday, July 19, 2007

Aussie Love :)

Oh! So much to share - I know I always say this, but I'll *really* try to be brief :)

Last week was tons of fun - Suzi (fantastic friend from Physical Therapy school who now lives in CO - hadn't seen her in 4 years!) and her son, Micah, came to visit and we had a blast playing with the kids and getting caught up. Didn't do a whole heck of a lot around here (bad weather and tricky nap schedules are to blame), but it didn't really matter b/c we were all together :)

We had big plans to do some crafting at night, but by the time we got the kids down and a bowl of ice-cream eaten we usually were too tired. We did start some cute critters from THE CUTE BOOK and I'm hoping to finish them up this week sometime. Of course I didn't have the right embroidery thread colors, so they've been added to today's Walmart list :)

Here's BIRD and SPRITE patiently waiting to be finished...

He's gonna be a cutie!

Before Suz and Micah came I was able to finish up some WIP's (little gifts for friends / babies, and some customer orders) - of course there's still a ton more in the "to-do" basket, but it felt great to get a few things done! Here's a couple of pics:

A smaller version of the Belle Patchwok bag - "Baby Belle" for Adrienne (she has the coolest EBAY user ID: yoyoadrienne !)

And at our last little craft night/fondue fest, I finally finished the necklace and earring set!

A fun skirt for Raina (actually finished yesterday) - she saw the girl patchwork skirts I made a few weeks ago and thought they'd be neat as an adult skirt. (I'm secretly hoping it doesn't fit so I can keep this one for myself!).

As for my Aussie Love of late... check out these fabulous prints that arrived last week!

When I saw the MOLLY BIRDS print on Kristen Doran's site a while ago, I added it to my wish list.. well, I couldn't resist any longer :) Also picked up some of her fun Owl fabric - there's owls of all different sizes to make lots of different things with (softies, etc.).

My other new fav is AUNTY COOKIE from Etsy. I love this fun HOME SWEET HOME print and instantly fell in love with the knitting fabric as well.

There's about a 1/2 yard of this fabric - I think it would be a great wall-hanging for the kitchen!

I'm off to run to the dump and Walmart! Have a great day everyone!

PS: Almost forgot to mention a fun new REVERSIBLE bag pattern that I just added to my site - it's from Grand Revival, and there's several ways to change / customize it. Tanya's fabrics are gorgeous as well!


stacy said...

Glad to hear you had so much fun! I love that new bag pattern and your fabrics are beautiful!

I am Jen said...

Busy Busy! I love the Aussies fabrics as well and have bought a few from Kirin. That bag is great and I may have to get it for myself to redeem from the skirt and top mishap. And the skirt looks great.

Tanya Whelan said...

Hi Kristen,
Thanks for the link and the compliment on the fabrics. I've just started a blog, finally....

thanks again,

lulaballou said...

Hi Kris,

I LOVE the adult patchwork skirt (so pretty). I also love the Molly Birds fabric. Hope all is well-take care, Cheryl = )

The Wooden Spool said...

I love your purse/bag you created! Beautiful, as is everything you have going on, over here! I soooo want that Tanya Whelan bag pattern, too! :)