Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Girly Garb & A Face to Put the Name to

Yey! We're back up and running :) Seems the server was down a little over a day, but it seemed much longer! Not that my web home page looks any different to you guys... I swear I'll have that darned site finished soon! It's amazing how long it takes to get products entered... of course I should prioritize it a bit more I guess, but there's more fun things that seem to pop up. Like this little ditty I whipped up this morning:

Dress Front:

Back of Dress:

While prepping the fabric for the patchwork pieces for Cathy's green/pink Amy Butler Lotus bag last night, I came across my little stash of Heather Ross' Lightning Bugs fabric. I *love* this fabric and actually had intended on making a patchwork bag out of it for a friend (I made her daughter a toddler tote with the white bicycles fabric and thought it would be fun for her to have a matching mommy bag). Out of the blue I decided instead to make a fun dress for my niece, Jordan. Luckily, I have enough scraps to make the patchwork bag too, and a headband to match Jordan's dress :) I picked up the white top at Target a couple of weeks ago and love how it goes with this fabric. Now I need to make one for Sydney! I know it's no Portabellopixie creation, but I'm pretty darned proud of it anyways...

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Heather's adorable fabric lines, but they are definitely worth checking out. I placed an order for lots of bolts several months ago, but the merge of Free Spirit and Westminster Fibers has slowed down the delivery of the fabric for some reason. Sigh.... I think they are estimating a delivery date in June now. My other favorite Heather's goodies should be here any day now though!

I hadn't planned on making this dress right away, but I seriously dreamed about it most of the night last night. I don't know if I'm alone on this one, but some nights I have such vivid dreams about new fabric lines and creations that I wake up exhausted! You'd think I was Vera Wang or something :) My husband thinks I'm nuts...

Hmmm... re: updates on projects, this week I'll definitely be finishing up Cathy's beaded handle patchwork bag and my cherry wall flower Madison Bag. Everything is cut out and ready to hit the sewing machine!

Over the weekend, I received a (much anticipated) package from a sewing buddy/customer in Singapore, Julia. Julia is a stay-at-home mom and makes adorable boutique-quality clothing for her family and friends. She's aspiring to start her own clothing line and I think she's going to be magnificent! She had talked a bit about wanting to make Syd something for her 1 yr birthday, but I had no idea that her creation was going to be so gorgeous! It's a little big, so I can't have Syd model it... maybe in a few more months - she's growing like a weed!

And don't you just love these cute little fishy stamps? Ours are so boring in comparison...

Recently I've seen that a lot of fellow crafters have posted pics of themselves on their blogs. I've been looking for a recent pic to post and I've come to realize that most of my pics have been of Syd, Syd with Dad, Syd with our four legged critters, and Syd with other family members. I need to get some of me with her her so she knows that I was actually around... I did find this one from a few months ago - we were at a hotel pool and I'm standing a little funny b/c I'm holding Syd in the pic. In an effort to maintain her privacy, I've cropped her from the shot. Note to self: get an updated picture already!

4/25: Okay - just found some more proof for Syd :) (she's about 3 months old or so here)


Beebee Mod™ said...

Hi Kris! That dress came out super fantastic! And I am excited to see your new website and all it's glory soon.

Emily said...

Love the dress you made and I find the outfit your friend Julia made beyond adorable!