Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Syd and I headed to Joanne's a few days ago to stock up on some notions and interfacing (gotta love their 50% off sales - and if you didn't know about their VIP program, you should check it out! If you can prove that you're a legit crafting company - show some tax forms, etc. - you can get a card that gives you an extra 15% off *everything* - even sale items!).

Anyways, b/c we don't get to Joanne's very often, and Syd was in a fantastic shopping mood, we decided to browse for a bit and see if anything struck our fancy. Low-and-behold, we stumbled across some Robert Kaufman and Alexander Henry prints! I couldn't believe it... They didn't have a huge selection, but just enough to make my day :) I had been eyeing a few of the prints online for a while, but hadn't bought any (I need more fabric like we need more snow....). It's nice to now have a few new things to add to the collection!

The first print (starting on the left) is one that just makes me smile :) Will be perfect for some cute dresses and kiddie aprons. The second one I was introduced to by ANGRY CHICKEN in this post and was immediately smitten with the fabric. The third one... well, I've been on the hunt for some cute cherry fabric and this is one of the best that I've found yet! There's some cute baby corduroy with cherries on it, but I just can't make myself get it... that's like signing up for a few more months of winter!

Alexander Henry Blue "Apples and Pears"

Alexander Henry "Sunny Side"

Robert Kaufman Blue Cherries (Fruit Basket Collection)

As for what's up next on the project line, I have a few more baby gifts to finish up, a bag for Cathy in Canada (I'll be making a patchwork one like this, but with pink/green Lotus fabrics - I can't wait to see how it turns out!), and for little 'ol me, I'm going to at last make the Madison Bag (Downtown Purse) from AB's Cherry Wall Flower and Cherry Full Moon Polka Dot). I've been itching to make it since I saw the new Madison Bag pattern cover a few months ago - perfect for spring!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! It was pretty quiet here - Syd had a belly bug and I was under the weather a bit as well, so we took advantage of the free HBO that Direct TV had over the weekend. Perfect timing :)

PS: Almost forgot to mention that Erin from DIAPER DAISY received my wetbags over the weekend and posted them yesterday on her site! If you've ever thought about trying cloth diapers, her site gives lots of info about the benefits of cloth, and she's super helpful with finding ones that will work for you. We recently tried the Happy Heinies and love them. Also check out the BABY LEGS - Syd has some pink ones now and they are adorable (and make diaper changes a snap). There are so many clever moms out there :)


stacy said...

I had wanted to make the Hoodie apron from the pear print, but by the time I got back to Joann's, it had sold out! I was amazed to see 'designer' prints in the novelty section of Joann's lately! Very exciting!

I can't wait to see the new bags!

Beebee Mod™ said...

I was a fuzzy bunz user and loved them, especially with the hemparoo inserts. Bertha bee is in disposables though. Love the fabric...it is amazing what Joann's has at times.

deb said...

You really did score! Love all those fabrics.

Denise said...

wow! you're so lucky, what a great find! I wanted some of that apple pear fabric for a while now, too bad my local Joann's doesn't have good fabrics on sale, I guess they sold out fast:(, I will have to buy some of that pretty fabric at a regular price.