Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Etsuko Fuyura fabric is in!

Mornin' everyone! Great news! The Japanese fabrics are in! (well, about half of them!) Gorgeous textiles... wow!!!!! Last night 2 rather large and heavy boxes arrived, filled with lots and lots of Etsuko Fuyura. All fabrics are 100% cotton and 43 - 44" wide. They are a heavier canvas / home dec. weight fabric - perfect for bags and home projects. I am still waiting on the lady bug fabric and a couple others from her lines; the Lecien and Trefle fabrics should be in next week.

I have a ton of scanning to do, but here's a sneak peak at the goodies. (I'm going to list only a few on EBAY, and the rest on my website - my EBAY fees have been CRAZY lately - their fees keep going up and up and up.....)

If anyone is interested in placing orders before I get to list these (which I think will take me a bit), feel free to drop me a line at: kristen@monkeyfootdesigns.com with your order and I'll send a PayPal invoice over. The retail price per yard of these fabrics is ~$18.50, but I'm offering them to you all at $17.

From her newest collection: (Largest bird measures 4" high and 3 1/2" wide):

(Full Width Pic:) (the picture is small - it just shows how the pattern repeats across the fabric)




From her last collection:


The next 3 are long panels (The dark leaves from bottom selvage are 14" high. The light leaves from the bottom selvage are 7" high. The spider hangs 14 and 1/2" from top selvage. Top selvage has strip of white polka dots, each dot is 3/8"):




For the next 4 prints, the dove measures 2.25" x 1.'" Each flower measures about 4" in diameter:





My favorites! (Each bird is 1 3/4", pattern repeats 3 times from selvage to selvage):

Here's a link to my post in Jan. that shows pics of a knitting needle case I made with this fabric)



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Beebee Mod™ said...

Yay!! I think something is wrong with your first picture? I am happy these fabric will not be far from home!