Monday, February 26, 2007

One of those weeks...

Last week was "one of those weeks".... luckily it had a happy ending though! After getting through a flooded basement and other asundry *fun* things, I was greatly looking forward to a weekend get-away with my hubby and Sydney (we didn't go too far - just about an hour away; Frank does some weekend work at local hospitals and Syd and I try to join him whenever we can). On the way out of town on Fri I made my daily trip to the Post Office and received the sweetest surprise! Anja, a customer/online buddy from Germany, sent me 2 Japanese Crafting books! She has an online store that offers a large variety of these books, in addition to other info. about quilting. She ordered some Amy Butler fabric from me a bit ago and somehow we get into a conversation about the Japanese books. I can't wait to tackle some of these projects! The Christmas project book is actually a magazine called HANDMADE and there isn't an ISBN#. The other book's ISBN # is 4-529-04206-5. Check out some of the goodies!

While away this weekend I finally had the chance to read the recent edition of CRAFT magazine. I've read glowing reviews of this magazine so of course I had to try it out! If you haven't had a chance to read it, I highly recommend it - borrow it from a friend, or use your 40% off coupon at Joanne's. There are a ton of completely different projects, and some great articles about crafting and the new generation of "hip" crafters. They also have a section of funky handmade goodies, like this gem:

Are you stumped? It's a knitted human brain!!!! I *love* this! It's part of the Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art ("an online museum that exhibits textile artwork inspired by neuroscience research, dissection, and neuro-economics").

Another great find is an article on Lisa Howdin of Fitz Patterns. She makes her own patterns and offers them online in PDF format for quick and easy download. There are even free patterns! I think you'll like this site Stacy! I'm a huge lover of skirts in the spring and summer - might have to try this A-line wrap skirt pattern (free!):

As for personal sewing projects, I've been working diligently on a curtain project for a friend, and have some wholesale orders that I'm working on. Last week I finished up this custom bag for an EBAY customer - I love making these bags b/c (1) the fabrics are gorgeous, and (2) they are fun!

Ah, one more thing! I haven't mentioned the redo of our upstairs bedroom in a while. Progress is slow, but my husband is doing an awesome job! Check out the BEFORE and NOW pics:

BEFORE: (we had already removed the window molding and wall shelf)

NOW: (needs some window and floor trim)

Have a great week everyone! I posted 17 new Amy Butler LOTUS prints last week in my EBAY store - they are absolutely gorgeous!


stacy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your basement!

I love your new books - I can't wait to see what you make from them. They both look fantastic.

Yay for free paterns! Thanks for the link, I always forget that Fitz exists!

Beebee Mod said...

It seems as if many people are having "one of those weeks" lately. I am glad for all the good things coming your way and love the bedroom and color! And the fabric, can't leave that out. Check out what I did with the cherry lotus fabric...

Denise said...

Sorry you had a tough week, but at least you got a that really nice Jap books to make you smile :), I love what you've done with the bedroom, I love the shape of your window ^_^.

Thanks for the links, Have a Crafty Day!!

DiaperDaisy said...

I love that purse! I had someone make me something similar (mostly the same fabrics) just recently. Glad to hear after a rough week you had some time away with your family. Fun times.

tara said...

Hey how is the room coming? I keep meaning to send you pictures of my stiars but you know how i am. Always saying i am going to and then when i can, i forget