Friday, February 09, 2007

Found it! Kind of....

I've been spending a small chunk of the morning trying to navigate a lovely Japanese crafting co. website: Hobbyra Hobbyre and I'm feeling quite ignorant re: my poor Japanese language skills. True, I have no reason to need to know Japanese... except now, when I am trying to figure out how to send these people an email and buy some of their products. I found that Google has a pretty good translation website (gotta love the internet), and I think I managed to send an email written in Japanese. I'm still open to any help that anyone out there has to offer!

In my extensive search of their site I came across lots of fun project books, and, the wrap/kimono dress pattern that I have been looking for for Syd! The best part is that it looks like there is a long sleeve and a short sleeve version. Love it :) And it looks like *maybe* the instructions are in English. Hmmm...

I did finally place an order for some of the fun Japanese prints that I've been hinting on. They should arrive within 2 months - just in time for spring! Here's a sneak peak at a few:

Here's one last thing (from my sis-in-law Sue) that I wanted to share:
If you have extra yarn from things, you can make it into
7" x 9" squares and send it to this address and they
will make them into afghans for homeless people,
nursing homes,veterans' centers, even victims of
Hurricane Katrina or other disasters.

Warm Up America!
Craft Yarn Council of America
2500 Lowell Rd
Gastonia, NC 28054


Beebee Mod said...

Yah! I just ordered the hedgehog fabric from kitty craft and all they had was a 1/4 yard left(bummer!). I will definately order some more from you when you have it.

Denise said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog since I got my ebay purchase, I added you to my bloglines ^_^ but I was to shy to say hello until now :), You have a great blog and I enjoy it very much.

I'm so happpy that you're gonna have Japanese fabric, I love your ebay store I got a Amy Butler pattern and I love it ^_^, Can't wait till you get all of these nice Jap. Prints :).

Sandi said...

OH my goodness-I LOVE that one with the little birds! I will get some of that from you for sure!!

tara said...

You know i do know your address and i am half tempted to stow away on the next flight, sneak into your house and only steal your fabric (leave you a cheesecake) and never tell anyone about it. Of course, right now it is too cold and prob by the time it warms up, you will be on the look out. I guess the plan is off. Although, i am still jealous.

Anonymous said...

i love the fabric you posted! where did you find it? i also have a baby girl (4 mo. old Evelyn) who i sew for. please let me know if you like any of the patterns you got!