Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just a quick note to say HELLO and THANK YOU to you all for your great messages lately - unfortunately Blogger doesn't show me your email addresses when you leave comments, so I can't respond back directly. If anyone knows how I can get this feature enabled, please do let me know.

I received a fantastic link from ANDREKABU this morning re: an adorable wrap dress pattern for Sydney. I have heard mention of ONION patterns, and I think I"ll be trying them! This one looks like it's for ages 2-8, so I think I may have to wait a bit...

This one (from - THANKS Stacy!) is a cute option though for now (ages 6-18 months):

I love this swirl skirt too :) Might just have to make one for Jordan, my niece - Sydney can't even walk yet... Wouldn't this be gorgeous with Heather Bailey's Freshcut?! My stock of Freshcut should be here in a few weeks! Yippee!


stacy said...

If you decide to try out an Onion, carries translated versions of these patterns. Or if you already bought the pattern, you can purchase the English instructions for $2.

tara said...

Kris! have you seen that Amy Butler's shop is up! cute bags. Oh i am at my new job right now and it is really cool! I will send you an e-mail later and tell you more.

tara said...

Oh check this out:
i think you will like this line.

Denise said...

These patterns are amazing, so very cute, I agree that they will look great with -Fresh Cut Fabric - :), I got some FQ's and the fabric is perfect ^_^ so soft, I hope you get your stock soon :).
Enjoy your day!