Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm so giddy!

As you all know, I love the mailman :) Most days he brings me lots of fun goodies, other days he brings me bills. It's not his fault that those slip in, so I forgive him and still anticipate his arrival most days. This week has been a fun one - Sydney's First Valentine's Day (she actually got some of those cute little Valentine's Day cards like we used to get when we were kids!), her almost 1 year birthday (next Thursday!! Friends and family have been sending her cards and gifts early), and then my favorite: a little goodie package that I won on Portobellapixie's blog a few weeks back. I was intrigued to see what these little button magnets would look like - they are soooooo cute! I think I just might have to make some of my own! In addition to the magnets, Sandi threw in 4 barrettes for Sydney. Check out the elephant one - makes me smile from ear-to-ear. Thank you Sandi!!!!!

I'm thinking as well of having a little give-away, but I need to think of something fun to give away! Stay tuned!

One *big* problem that I have is that I love to make girly accessories. My friends with boys always get the short end, but heck, I can't make them flower belts and headbands! I recently received some adorable ~1" wide ribbon and couldn't resist making this for my friend Michelle's daughter, Anna: (I have the matching 1 7/8" ribbon too for a matching mommy/big sister belt!)

I'm thinking that I need to look into making some cute belts of some sort for boys. Maybe with some whales and lobsters and the such. Until I do that, I've always got the tote :) Just finished this one up yesterday for Gina's son, Jack. He LOOOOOOOOVES Spidey, so when I saw this fabric I hopped on it. I actually have a fondness for Spidey myself, so working on this bag was especially fun. Black bags are always hard to photograph, but the jist of the bag is that is is made of black canvas with nylon webbing for straps. There are 2 outside pockets, one with Spidey machine stitched on, and the other with Spidey doing his Spidey thing. The inside has 4 large pockets and a magnetic snap closure. Gina, Jack, my husband and I all agree that this is our favorite toddler tote yet. GO SPIDEY!

Have a great weekend everyone! ~ Kris


DiaperDaisy said...

Kris. The Spiderman bag is too cute!

Sandi said...

Ahh..I'm glad they arrived safely! I loved the little elephant. :) Eliza has an identical one! Enjoy-the pictures are great.