Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slacker.... (sew-along update)

Well, the sew-along projects are due to be done soon, but... well.... I haven't quite finished mine yet and neither has Stacy, so we're thinking maybe you all are in the same boat as we are :)

How does an extension to Aug 31 sound?

AND, we'd like to open it to include any top pattern of your choice. Have your eye on a special tunic? A peasant blouse? Go for it!

Don't know about you, but summer is just zooming by! Matthew turns 4 months old already next week - I have a feeling that my blur of a summer has a lot to do with him and juggling the other 2 little monkeys :)

Not much sewing news to report - I have been missing my Wonderland fabric though, so I made some of these tonight. (click here to see the listing). Free shipping on all etsy orders ends tomorrow!

Hopefully next post I'll have some sew-along pics for you!

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