Thursday, July 23, 2009

April Showers bring....

Well, if you live in the Northeast, they bring May, June and July Showers! We've got our fingers crossed that August will bring us some sunshine. We all REALLY need it :)

In the spirit of our weather-of-late, here's a new bag I just posted in my Etsy shop
(April Showers fabric by Alexander Henry)

BTW - I'm offering FREE US SHIPPING on all in-stock purchases from my Etsy shop until 7/31!
I've posted a bunch of new ones in the past week :)

Oh!! I have to share my latest favorite "mommy bling" by Lisa Leonard Designs.
Now that I'm officially done having babies (sniff, sniff), I've been wanting to get some neat things with the kids' names / initials on them. Below are pictures of my new teeny tiny initials necklace:

(picture to show the scale of the necklace - yes, that's Matthew's little head there poking up!)

Close-up of the necklace:

I also bought one of the Family Tree necklaces (will take a pic later) and love the simple beauty of it. I'm very tempted to get more of her goodies - she has some really cute birdie things!

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