Wednesday, July 01, 2009

6 Bridesmaids awaiting...

Okay, so it's actually 5 bridesmaids and 1 bride, but that doesn't fit as well into the 12 Days of Christmas tune that's in my head :)

These little wristlets are on their way to Singpore for a special bride-to-be and her buddies. There are clips at the end of the strap so the bag can convert to a little purse too. Might have to make up some more of these - just too cute for summer!

Also have some fun bags in the shop:

Traffic Jam (a 20 yard bolt arrived the other day - yey!)

Green Birds (Kaufman's Monoluna) - how cute are these little guys?
Also available with a yellow background.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone! We're hoping that it might stop raining long enough to at least grill for a bit. I'm surprised the house hasn't floated away by now...Friends are on their way up, so it will be fun no matter the weather! Happy 4th!

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