Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All prizes have been accounted for, so it's safe to resume to posting again :) That was so much fun that I think I'll start hosting monthly give-aways. Stay tuned!

As most of you know, we have a relatively new baby here at home with us (2 month old Ben). I'd be lost without my baby carriers (Baby Bjorn Active and my sling) - he spends most of the day being carried and he (and I) love it! I made a sling last week for a buddy up here and really like how it turned out. It has a padded shoulder, regular tail, velcro pocket on the tail (for keys/cellphone), and sling rings. Pretty simple design, but comfy and fashionable.

I'm thinking of carrying them on my website next year -


Crafting news? Check out these adorable elephants by Ljungbergs:

And.... the Kimberly Bag Pattern by Amy Butler should be available in a week or so -finally another bag pattern with a zipper!


stacysews said...

I definitely think you should put those in your shop - they look great! Yay, another Amy Bag... I need to catch up on my sewing so I can get to this one, too.

Nikki said...

It kills me how dang talented you are. Great job with the baby sling!

Adrienne said...

Kris - I am a big baby wearer and i've been through a many sling/carrier. I think your sling is not only beautiful but seams very functional. I would definitly offer it in your store but I also wanted to make a suggestion. I have a Kozy carrier (mei tai) and LOVE it. So does my 14 mth old. I am still carrying him (on my back) and it's so comfy. I'd suggest trying your hand at that as well...check this one out (I have this actually and plan to make some as gifts b/c I love it that much) http://www.montessoribyhand.net/patterns.html

As always - best wishes.

Anonymous said...

can you make some wetbags with elephants for diaper diaper daisy?

the sling is beautiful - of course!

merry christmas,