Monday, May 28, 2007

*/*Stars and Stripes*/*

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We have been blessed with a picture perfect day - 70's, sunny, breezy... ahhh..... Hubby is on call at the hospital, so we weren't able to venture too far this weekend. We did get to do some leisurely exploring within the "safe" 20 minute driving radius and managed to put up some new ceiling fans in our bedroom and Syd's. Folks in central NH don't believe in central AC, so most houses aren't built with it. We're big fans of the window units and ceiling fans :) If we ever do decide to build a house, we're definitely going with the central air... The few months out of the year that you need it make it all worth the $!

We had hoped to walk down to the parade in town this morning, but Syd pooped out and needed to go down for a nap. I had cut out the pieces for this outfit last week in hopes of making it in time for today:

and was actually able to finish it this AM while Hubby was tending to a C-section at the hospital. Good thing that July 4th & Labor Day are coming up! I decided to try a onesie with it this time instead of a t-shirt only b/c laziness prevailed and I didn't feel like making bloomers to put over her diaper :)

I'm off for a walk before the mozzies come out! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! :) Kris

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