Thursday, May 10, 2007

Better late...

This week is a "catch-up" and "get-stuff-done" week for me. Not the most exciting or fun of weeks, but rewarding in that I've finished up (and mailed!) a ton of birthday gifts and mother's day gifts (lots of my friend's are celebrating their "first" this year), and have caught up on a lot of "stuff". Still lots more to do, but I feel a nice calm that hasn't been felt in a while.

One thing I did today was clear off my desk upstairs. We are still in flux as we finish up the craft room/study/guest room, so it's easy to ignore the growing mound of papers on my desk. I'm big on tearing articles from magazines that I intend to look more into, and love to gather "to check-out" websites. Country Living had a fun site listed in their January 2007 magazine (I seriously have scraps from last year too...) that touted lots of handmade and unique goodies. I checked out the site today and found that it's closing in 2 and a half weeks! The plus side of this is that they are having a huge store-wide sale. Hence my sharing of the find with you all (not that I would have neglected to mention it anyways...). Happy Shopping!

I'm liking this square cherry pin

... and of course this kitchy cow towel

Also had a chance to visit a few blogs and saw mention a few times of a new Westminster designer, Joel Dewberry. Can't wait to see the rest of his line! Here's a sneak peak for you (from his website):

I'm off to start a cutting frenzy - lots of skirts and bags to make! Patchwork, patchwork, patchwork :)


Beebee Mod™ said...

I am liking Joel's fabric line...a ton!

Cheryl said...

I LOVE this fabric!!! When does it come out?

Cheryl said...

I love this fabric!!! When does it come out?