Monday, May 07, 2007

Some Monday Morning Inspiration

I love Monday mornings - hubby is off to work... I can sit quietly with my coffee for a bit to gather my thoughts... Syd is off in some part of the kitchen "re-arranging" (it's a battle that I've given up on - she has fun and I get some quiet, so it's a win-win situation)... Ahhh....

Anyways, I got a fun email from Butterick this w/e with some of their new patterns - check these out:

I'm a sucker for this style of dress (left) - how cute would this look made with some Freshcut?

This one reminds me of something that Stacy would whip up in a night - it looks so comfy! If only I knew how to sew with knit fabrics... it's on the "to learn" list...

This one I like b/c it looks like it has some good transitional pieces (for pregnancy), if you could make that band just a little bit higher....:

Got another email from Lion Brand Yarn - Vana White is a *huge* crocheter (who knew?!) and is coming out with a line of yarns that actually look quite appealing:

Might be perfect for this sweater - seriously, how cute is this?! Lion Brand "Lacy Child's Top" Crocheted sweater

Gotta run - I'll report in later this week on some fun new ribbon that I just bought - check out this link for a sneak peak :)


Beebee Mod™ said...

I like the top pattern a ton. Very Summer...although I don't know if I could do a strapless dress very well right now. I think it would look nice with Freshcut or Nigella.

Allyson Hill said...

I agree, love the top pattern but strapless? I don't think so! I really like the third pattern. It would be really fun to give that a try.

Emily said...

Love the patterns and just adore the little crocheted sweater!