Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bag Love (and a website coupon link!)

Yey! I was *actuallly* able to start and finish a bag on Saturday! Ben has been super fussy in the evenings so we hung out together last night and got this little bit of gorgeousness done. Probably should have saved the last step (binding) to this morning...hindsight...

(and a sneak peak at the chocolate walls & new door hardware in our bedroom!)
To backtrack, the pattern I used was Betsy Ross' One for All Shoulder Bag - the first pattern by them that I have tried (but not my last!). The pattern is rated is a "One Star", meaning that it's for beginners and an easy project for an afternoon.

The bag instructions are only for the outside and binding, but it's easy to extrapolate a bit and add an interlining, lining, pockets, etc. These days I need as much help keeping organized as possible, so I went with adding a few things: lining, interlining, large divided pockets on both sides, interior bottle pockets with elastic, key clip, and magnetic snap closure. If I add up all the time between nursing and burping sessions, I'd say the bag probably took me 3 hours (cutting to completion).

All in all I liked the pattern - aside from the things that I added, the other change that I made to the pattern was to make the handles longer (I'd recommend cutting the large binding piece at 1.5 times the size of the pattern piece). I'm definitely going to make this one again - need more practice with the binding!

Inside Shot:

Initially I was going to use the Amy Butler Forest Woodfern as the outside fabric, but the Aqua Primrose was begging to be seen :)

This morning I finished up a small zippered waterproof pouch and keyfob - now I'm all set to use the new bag on Monday!

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Happy Turkey Day everyone! ~ Kris


KreativeMix said...

Very Fabulous

stacy said...

It turned out fantastic! I love the fabric that you used on this bag - it's a great combo. Now why did you have to post that coupon link? It's so tempting!!! LOL

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Oh, how I wish I had your sewing skills. I just bought the Amy Butler Diaper Bag Pattern from you and received it very quickly I might add, but I am as stumped as they come when I look at the instructions. LOL! I have been sewing for almost a year and have learned and done a lot. Most of the stuff I do is made up of 4 straight sides and wham! bam! you're done. This is a challenge. When I walked into the fabric shop to get interfacing, I had no idea where to begin looking. I have never used it before, never seen it before and had no idea what purpose it served. So when I asked the sales lady to point me in the right direction, she graciously walked me over and pointed it out. Then I asked what it did and showed her what I was going to be using it for and she looked at me like I was nuts for trying to attempt it. LOL! I don't blame her, I think I'm nuts too. But I really want a cute diaper bag that is my taste and not some manufacturers.

Anyway, sorry for the novel. I really just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog and what a handsome lil' guy you have. Best of luck to you and your family.


P.S. The bag and additional accessories are gorgeous. I am so jealous.

I am Jen said...

Love that came out so well, especially with the fabric choices. Wohoo! Coupon! It will get easier with Ben once he hits about 4 months. My first was super gassy and the doctor said at 4 months their stomachs develop. Sure enough, she was better by then. I had to rearrange my diet a bit too with nursing.