Saturday, June 02, 2007

We're having a....

Mornin' everyone! I'm headed off in a bit to VT to meet a friend for the day- I'm really excited to see her and to spend the day outside with the fam :) She is running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Queechee, VT - such a fun local race! I was going to sign up for it back in January (it literally fills up in a day!) but I was gung-ho on being pregnant by June and didn't want to waste the race spot. It's now June and we're 21 weeks along!

Speaking of which... we had the *big* ultrasound yesterday - by far the most exciting OB visit in the bunch. We saw it all... heart, lungs, bladder, umbilical cord... it's so amazing! I've been thinking all along that we're having a boy, and guess what?! I was right!!!! I'll spare you the "detailed" pic (looks like he's sitting on xerox machine), but here's a cute side view of Baby V:

I love how his little mouth is open!!

Before I jet off to the shower... I've gotten a few requests to share a pattern for the skirts that I've been making for Sydney. Initially I used the purse pattern that Autum posted:

patchwork bag instructions (it's the second tutorial in her post)

And since I've played with it a bit depending on who I'm making it for (ex: Syd's skirts are 9" long, 3T/4T are 11", etc). I use 1" non-roll elastic at the top and I line the skirts (mostly to cover up all of those seams!). The thing that honestly takes the most time is doing the feather stitching on the seams - I love the look though :) Hope that helps!

PS: The fabric that I posted on last time is in!!!! I've got a deadline for myself to get my website up and running by 6/14. If you're interested in the fabric before then, the ETSUKO is $17/yard and the others (squirrels and hedgehogs) are $13/yard - drop me a line at and I'll put together an invoice for you.

Have a great weekend!! :) Kris


stacy said...

Congratulations!!!! i can't wait to see some of the little boy creations you come up with!

Oh that fabric is so tempting.... I might 'need' the squirrels.

Miss Sassy said...

Oh, congratulations! Little boys rule. I hope that everything looked healthy, too.

Beebee Mod™ said...

Oh boy! How fun. Little boys are a ton of fun and a little crazy at times. Ours just learned he can pee wherever now.

lulaballou said...

Woo Hoo! Boys are fun (and can be a little crazy too). I took my 3 year old son to the zoo. He walked for about 4 hours, came home and was he tired? NO, he was still bouncing off the walls!! Thanks for the skirt info = )