Sunday, June 24, 2007

Up and Running!

Hi everyone! It's been another busy week here in NH - summer is in full swing and we're trying to enjoy every minute of it :)

I've got lots of custom projects in the works, but my biggest news is that my website is finally up and running! (Please pop in and leave a note in the guestbook :) Lisa and I worked through the final details late last week. She's great to work with and I *highly* recommend her for all of your web / Ebay pages needs. She also has a pretty fun blog :)

I've added all of the ETSUKO fabric to my site, plus some of my most popular handmade items (belts, bags, baby goods). I'll post some pants and skirts sets too within the next week or so - everything will be custom so I'll just have a couple of pictures, but lots of fabric options. I'm really into the ruffled pants like I made for Sandy's Sam, and hopefully Syd will soon have 4 new pair herself (they are cut out and just need to be sewn now). I also need to make some more of these (2-tiered circle princess skirts):

We went to a friend's daughter's birthday party this week, and being as how she absolutely loves princesses, I couldn't help but make this for her! I actually found both fabrics at Walmart - I was shocked (and delighted b/c that meant I didn't have to schlepp to Joanne's). I also picked up a few yards of purple princess fabric - same characters, but different design. Seems like every little girl adores these little ladies, so I think this will be my favorite birthday gift to give this year :)

Aside from squeezing in some crafting when I can, we've really been trying to spend some QT outside. Hubby was on call for a hospital in Wolfeboro (the "Oldest Resort Town in the US") so we spent most of the day with him on Sat. It was a tad crazy down there b/c of Motorcycle Week (thousands and thousands and thousands of motorcyclists come with their bikes from all around the country for rallies/shows and to tour NH - they are like the locusts... interesting: kind of; loud: heck yes!; are we happy when they leave? YEP!!). Everywhere we turned there were motorcyles...

On my way into town:

and the view while sitting in town:

After helping Syd walk around a bit (I'm 6 months pregnant- the belly is starting to show a little!):

(she actually is walking all by herself all around the house this week - it's amazing what can happen with a little confidence and a couple of days!), we did manage to find a secluded park (without motorcycle noise) within walking distance of town. Syd managed to take a nap, and Frank and I had a nice long stretch of peace and quiet. We sat on a bench for a while and chatted, enjoying the scenery and eachother's company. In the craziness of the day-to-day, we tend to not do this as much as we should...

and then he decided to take a nap on my lap. So with Syd asleep to my left:

and hubby sound asleep on my legs:

I quickly dove into my bag to get THE CRAFTER'S COMPANION, which I picked up while walking through town (just in case an opportunity like this came up - score!). I'm about half way through it, and *LOVE* it! In case you haven't heard of this book, it's about some popular craft bloggers - they share their inspiration, patterns, and give a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. What you love the most is that they are just like us - they don't live in enormous houses with spacious craft rooms. Nope. Most of them craft at their kitchen / dining room table and have stacks of fabric and crafting goodies strewn around the house. Such a neat collection of women- I really recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read.

I also picked up a couple of other crafting books this week, but I'll post more about them later.

It's late and time for bed! Hope you all had a great weekend! ~ Kris


Allyson Hill said...

Website - check - another thing off your to do list! It looks absolutely adorable! Speaking of adorable, your little girl - what a sweetie! I'm dying to get my hands on that book, I must go to B&N this week. I'm hoping they have Amy Karol's new book too, we'll see!

I am Jen said...

Oooo ! I love the website! It is great and inspires me to want one of my own. And your 6 months and maybe showing a little? What! I always forget to ask, but is hubby a doctor? And the pants fit Bertha great. She wore them already and looked so cute. A bit too warm to wear the shirt yet!

stacy said...

I love the new site - it looks fantastic!!!! I am attempting to show some self restraint and not buying up some of that yummy Japanese fabric (I'm finding it very difficult at the moment, though).

I love the cute skirt set! Adorable. I'm anxious to hear your review of Crafter's companion, I've been wanting that book for awhile....

The Mommy Designer said...

Thanks for the kind words! You were a PLEASURE to work with!!!


cyn the win said...

What do you use to applique the cotton from the pants onto the knit shirt? I've used 'wonder under' before for that exact projct but mine always puckers after it's been washed. Do you stitch them down as well? Your outfits are so darn cute!