Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Beep! Beep! and UFO's :(

Happy Fall everyone! I need to take some pictures up before we have leaf off - the colors are amazing!

So... um, about the UFO thing - nope, I don't have any cool space themed fabric to share. I'm referring to my sew-along project... it's officially being added to my UnFinished Objects pile. So sad :( I thought I would have finished it, but just couldn't - maybe this winter?  Stacy is in the same boat as me - and looking at the lack of posts in the Flickr album, we think you guys are too!

What do you all think of the idea of making Pajamas for an Oct/Nov sew-along?!

October is National Pajama Month (who knew?! - Stacy filled me in on that one!) and I sure need some new flannel jammies. Sydney also already picked out a pattern for her nightgown, so I think we're definitely in! Let us know what you think!
As for a prize, we're thinking of:
(1) a copy of the yet-to-be-released ONE YARD WONDERS book, and
(2) some yummy fabric!

As for the Beep! Beep!...

 hee hee :) You can find this little guy HERE :)

Off to finish up some new bags - hopefully I can post them tomorrow!
PS: Don't forget to post a slow cooker recipe on my last post for a chance to win a large almond sparrows wet bag!

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Joy said...

Jammies are always fun!!! I have a few pairs on the sewing table right now for Christmas gifts so that might be great incentive to get them finished up, in a timely manner. ;)