Monday, August 17, 2009

For Thel :)

Thanks again for the opportunity to make this bag for you Thel!

(Bag Details: Double Pocket Wet Bag - Sealed Seam ProCare lining for both pockets; ~ 13" wide x 10" high x 5" deep; Removable and Adjustable Clip strap and matching key fob to boot! Moda Wonderland Fabric: Cream Tea Time and Jam Metamorphosis)


shawn & bekah said...

It's so cute! I need to get some of that cute fabric!

erin white said...

so kris, this is a wetbag with a strap? or is it a diaper bag/wetbag? i love the fabric! still need to get with you on a custom wetbag for my diaper bag! hope all is well! erin

Kris said...

Hi Erin! It's kind of a diaper / wet bag - it's got a 5" bottom, front zippered pocket (lining is with Procare and the seams are sealed), and a removeable and adjustable strap. Fun!