Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dad Bag

When hubby takes Sydney or Ben out, he needs some minimal kid gear - snack, diaper, wipes, water. I got kind of tired of hearing "I'm NOT going out of the house with THAT!" (referring to a smaller / shorter version of the bag below):

(I love the front pouch to put my cell phone and keys!). So... I made him his own bag - a GUY bag :) And he loves it! No more complaints, and no more worries from me that the kids are going to be without the basics. He also uses it out on the boat to keep his phone, keys and camera dry.

In the spirit of Father's Day (next weekend!) I've posted 3 different camo bags in my ETSY shop, and they are on sale! I have a few of each and can ship the next day :)

I'd also like to carry a solid color bag - black / navy / brown - for guys who aren't into camo - would love your feedback as to which you think would work! Thanks! :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Hillary said...

I think Cammo is great and pretty standardly guy acceptable :) however my husband is not really a cammo kinda guy ( though he would prefer that to my shiny turquoise bag I'm sure :) ) I think having those along with some solid colored options is a great idea! Or combine cammo and solid to tone down the straight cammo fabric but then maybe I'm letting my girly side slip in there :) Good luck!

stacysews said...

I love the idea of a camo bag! Solid is always a safe option, but personally, I love prints!

c said...

i bought my first wet bag. i love it! it is so cute that it inspires me to get started with the cloth diapering project i have abandoned. i do have one question. how do i care for my bag. after containing the diapers it expectedly smells. peeeee yeeewwww. i am sure that you included the information; however, with a large case of mommy brain, a toddler and preemie infant i have misplaced it. i love my bag. if i can find a picture of the fabric/bag then i am going to feature it on my blog. thanks monkey foot. i love my bag.