Sunday, May 24, 2009

XL Wet Bag Sale!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! The pouring rain just stopped here, the sun has come out in full force, and all of the kids are either napping or resting. Life is good :) We're off to a bbq in a few hours - looking forward to some steak and perhaps an adult beverage (I'm SO happy to not be pregnant any more!)

Before I forget, I've got a bunch of XL wet bags on sale in my Etsy shop until 5/31 - get ready for the pool and beach!

Also recently listed these cuties:

Jungle Stripe (17" x 20")

Aqua Lava Flowers (14" x 14")

Traffic Jam (9" x 7")

Vroom! Vroom! (9" x 7")

I've also been taking custom orders for bags made with Moda's Wonderland fabric (my latest fabric obsession). This one below is an XL made with the tomato Tea Time and has 2 side straps (I'd love any input you all have as to the best strap set-up for the XL : 16" x 22" bags - 2 side straps are popular, but customers also often request a long strap that goes side - side or 2 top straps / handles like a tote).

And here's a matching small wet bag (with the GORGEOUS Metamorphosis / Butterfly fabric) and a burp cloth I added in as a little extra (turns out that when I make the XL bags, I get a scrap piece of fabric that is perfect for the burp cloths - expect to see more of these soon in my shops!)

Off to get ready for the bbq! Have a great weekend!


Adrienne said...

I love that wonderland fabric! That's one of my new favs for sure. I just bought some heavy duty fabric to work on a tote idea I have ... wish me luck!

Sitha said...

Your products are so awesome! I wish I could find them in here. Love the fabrics!